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Alliance and partners bring ‘WNC Vote Tracker’ to the community

The North Carolina General Assembly introduces and passes several bills each year that impact the quality of life in Western North Carolina.

A new tool, the nonpartisan website WNC Vote Tracker, provides information about important legislation in six categories: economic security; education; environment; health and safety; and women’s issues.

The WNC Vote Tracker also offers an overview of the state budget-arguably the most important legislation passed each year. 

The sponsors and partners of this effort represent a diversity of issues such as education, health, environment, women, and children. They come together with this effort to strengthen our democracy through accountability and informed citizen participation.

Lead partners of the WNC Vote Tracker include: WNCAChildren First/ Communities In Schools, Just Economics, Pisgah Legal Services and Women for Women.

 The guide will highlight a variety of bills related to the following:

  • Economic Security: Bills addressing unemployment insurance eligibility, health insurance, housing security, access to public assistance, living wages, and the Earned Income Tax Credit.
  • Education: Bills addressing  issues of access to, and quality of, public education.
  • Environment: Bills addressing issues of access to, and quality of, public education.
  • Health and safety: Bills addressing health insurance, building safety, child safety, and reproductive health.
  • Government and Democracy: Bills addressing local control of water resources, election and voting law changes, and repeal of the Racial Justice Act.
  • Women: Bills chosen for the additional impact they have on women’s health, economic opportunity, and rights.

WNC Vote Tracker is available at

Read the full WNC Vote Tracker press release here.

Update on the 2013 legislative session

The 2013 legislative session resulted in a number of environmental losses, but also some victories in what we were able to beat back.

Thanks to our partners, the Sierra Club and the Southern Environmental Law Center for their good work summarizing this tumultuous session in this downloadable report.

If you’re unhappy about the legislature’s actions this session, please write a letter to the editor for your local paper. Legislators need to hear from you if things are to change!

WNCA participates in ‘All Three for NC’ voter education campaign


All Three for NCAll Three for NC is a coalition of businesses who believe that North Carolina needs clean air, clean water, and good jobs, and that the idea that we must protect EITHER the environment OR the economy is a false choice. We think it is important for North Carolina state legislators to hear this message from businesses, and we make it easy for members of the All Three coalition to carry this message to the legislature.

All Three for NC is housed at the Southern Environmental Law Center in Chapel Hill and operates through regional partner groups throughout the state, including the Western North Carolina Alliance (WNCA) in the western part of the state and Cape Fear River Watch (CFRW) on the coast.

The members of All Three for NC participate in the coalition in various ways: by drafting letters to the editor about specific legislation, contacting their legislator on a particular issue, or participating in a town-hall or roundtable discussion with elected officials. We also occasionally run ads in local media to drum up support and to give the businesses exposure.

We also hold events! Gathering coalition members together gives us the opportunity to meet and interact with our businesses and thank them (with food and drink!), ask coalition members to volunteer for the actions detailed above (for example, “Let us know if we can contact you to sign a letter to the editor”), and update members on the legislature and actions they are taking that would affect their region. And of course, they provide a forum for environmentally minded businesses to network with each other.

If you are interested in joining the All Three for NC coalition, please email:

Take a look at ads from our ongoing regional campaign to encourage voters to contact their representatives and do what’s good for businesses and support All Three for NC – Clean Air, Clean Water, Good Jobs.

All Three for NC 1

All Three for NC 2

All Three for NC 3

All Three for NC 

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