Do you value our sparkling mountain streams and rivers? The abundance of wildlife in our public forests? Our rolling farmland, deeply rooted in our culture and vital to the local economy? All of these are at risk — without your help.

Make your voice heard, take action now!


Oppose NC’s Weak Fracking Rules!

Through September 30, 2014 the Mining and Energy Commission is accepting public comments on the proposed fracking rules for North Carolina. Submit your comments now calling for stronger protections for our mountains, communities and waters!

Tell EPA you support proposed rules to limit carbon pollution.

In June, EPA announced carbon pollution standards to set the first-ever limits on carbon dioxide from existing fossil-fueled power plants. Submit your public comments before the December 1 deadline!


With the Western North Carolina Alliance, you can join forces with citizens from across the region and your community.

  • Influence pubic policy to better address development pressures
  • Safeguard the treasures of our public forests, including an array of wildlife, old growth stands, and rare ecosystems
  • Preserve working farms and traditional mountain communities
  • Halt the proliferation of exotic invasive plant species that threaten native ecosystems
  • Expand our ability to rigorously monitor and protect water quality

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