10 Best Cheap Line Array Speakers On The Market

The following post is an informative overview of the best cheap line array speakers if you are seriously interested in them. Featuring a stylish design, such speakers will complement any interior and look like stylish pieces of furniture. These speakers will complement any interior. In addition to providing decent performance on par with premium setups, line array speakers are easy to transport should you need to perform at multiple venues during live performances.

The pros and cons of line array speakers will be highlighted in this article, so you will be able to make an informed decision on what sound system is best for you.

10 Best Cheap Line Array Speaker Reviews:

1. JBL Professional VRX932LA-1

JBL Professional VRX932LA-1

This JBL Professional VRX932LA-1 Two-Way Line Array Loudspeaker System has been a favorite among audiophiles. If you wish to enjoy clear sound without shouting to hear it, the JBL Professional VRX932LA-1 Two-Way Line Array Loudspeaker System is an excellent choice. This system features a powerful two-way vocal reproduction that is made possible by the special diaphragm design, which allows the air to pass through the speaker, while the air above it remains unaffected.

This speaker has such power that you can clearly hear the deepest bass sounds from one side of it, while the other side of the speaker only has mid-range sounds. With these specifications, you can clearly see why this is the best type of two-way vocal speaker system that you can use in any business setting.


  • Very high power, clear, and clean
  • Very high-quality construction
  • The 12-inch compression driver horn

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2. Bose L1 Compact For vocal

Bose L1 Compact For vocal

You can carry the Bose L1 Compact line array speaker system in your car or backpack if you are looking for the smallest system you can find for your PA system. The compact size makes these speakers easy to transport. You can place them in any club or other venue and they will create a large sound stage for any performer, speaker, or singer without the need for additional equipment. There are five powered channels in the L1 line array, which is just enough to achieve the sounds you require without breaking the bank.

The compact design of the Bose L1 Compact speakers allows them to be connected to a sound system of your choice in order to play back the speakers with realistic sound. Whether the L1 Compact is placed in front of or behind a performer, the sound is wide and even throughout the stage and audience – even to the far ends.


  • Its inputs and controls are well-thought out
  • The sound is indeed excellent for the size and price
  • Lightweight

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3. QSC KLA12


The QSC KLA12 Active Line Array loudspeakers are suitable for people who have plans to have an office filled with customers and employees. Active line array speakers referred to as the KLA12 Active Line Array Active were specifically manufactured to satisfy the needs of a variety of customers.

As a result of the Active Line Array, there are no interference problems with these speakers. Furthermore, with the high quality materials used in the construction of the speaker, it is also able to produce excellent sound clarity.

Moreover, this Active Line Array loudspeaker offers plenty of additional benefits, including ease of installation. For an installation process that is as simple as possible, then you should choose this Active Line Array loudspeaker.


  • Excellent sound
  • Portable, lightweight, reliable
  • Onboard electronics to augment the small LA format

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4. ProReck Club 4000

ProReck Club 4000

The ProReck Club 4000 Line array speaker range is certainly amongst the best available in surround sound speaker systems. These speakers are ideal for individuals who wish to listen to top-notch surround sound audio at home, as well as for commercial applications, including film, television, and business presentations. Despite the fact that this product is designed for professionals, even ordinary consumers can enjoy the high-quality sound from these speakers and even utilize them in their homes.

Aside from the powerful Woofer, the surround sound speaker is packaged with an amplifier and mid-range control section along with two tweeters and one woofer, providing an impressive array of high-quality sound effects. Club 4000 Line array speakers are constructed to produce clean, precise surround sound. They are ideal for home cinema applications and for business meetings that require clear, crisp sound from all speakers.


  • The audio is crisp/clear
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Bluetooth wireless music streaming

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5. ProReck Party 10

ProReck Party 10

The PRORECK Party 10 Portable 10-Inch 500-watt Wireless Speaker System provides a lot of benefits. It is a portable and permanent system, so you can bring it wherever you may be and enjoy every aspect of your party or gathering, regardless of the size or type of event.

For smaller parties the grid light bars are perfect for adding to the general ambiance of the event; on the other hand, these portable units have additional sound capabilities that are ideal for large events. There are ten portable grid arrays to choose from, so there are no space issues to consider.


  • Fairly portable with big sound
  • The built in eq in this thing is very well designed
  • Sound and durability is great

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Line Array Speakers: How Do You Choose Them?

Sound Dispersion

It is no secret that line array speakers are perfect for giant stadiums and large arenas. Line array systems provide exceptional sound quality regardless of where you are in the venue, whether it is the first row or the last row. So, what makes them so effective?

As a result of their dispersed sound, they are so powerful. In contrast to non-line array systems, which project sound outward in a spherical shape, line array speakers usually are located in front of the speakers rather than around them. Therefore, line array speakers are an excellent solution for any venue.


It is essential to project sound as efficiently as possible, especially if you perform in spacious venues. Additionally, if the acoustics of the venue are not ideal, high-quality speakers may help to make a difference. When you use the speakers in a large room, you will need to turn them up in order to hear clearly. However, you should keep in mind that by doing this, you will create a reverberant field in the room, which will adversely affect the sound quality.

A cylindrical dispersion pattern typical of line array systems is another advantage that is attracting more and more users. Due to this technology, the amount of sound energy decreases at a slower rate as distance increases. Thus, the speakers are able to project sound farther away while using less power. This is beneficial since a more direct and clear sound is projected throughout the room. The side-fill speakers are not even required.

Sound Quality

The best line array speakers won’t provide you with high-quality sound if you are performing in a small room. For such purposes, you should use a single-driver, two- or three-way speaker.

Final Words

The column line array speaker systems market is alive and well, and it is providing a wide range of products for both professionals and amateurs alike. In summary, we hope that we have demonstrated that good things can come in small (or skinny) packages. Your time, space, and hassle will be saved with the ease and built-in features of this product.

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