8 Best Cobra Golf Irons of 2022

When it comes to shopping for golf irons for your bag, it’s vital that you find a set that suits your game the best. These are the clubs you’ll be using most and the ones you’ll spend the most money on, so it’s important that you choose a set that suits you well.

The best golf irons are made by many manufacturers, one of them being Cobra, which produces some outstanding models, as shown below by some of the reviews. They cater to a wide range of abilities and even rival the best Callaway irons and Mizuno irons on the market, which are used by pros all over the world.

The best Cobra irons have been sorted out after extensive testing, but if you’re not a fan of Cobra, then why not check out the best Ping irons and TaylorMade irons instead.

8 Best Cobra Golf Iron Reviews:


The perfect distance iron for the average golfer, slim and powerful. With these King Forged Tec Irons, you can enjoy premium performance alongside stunning, clean looks, making these one of the best irons of the year.

This guitar is characterized by a five step forged body and face, along with tungsten weighting inside the hollow head, producing an incredibly powerful sound that reminds us of a metalwood, while offering a more metallic sound. Unless you really mishit one, you don’t get harsh vibrations in your hands, which is part of the improvement in feel. 

There is a clean and elegant aesthetic to this shoe, but when down at address, it provides a streamlined look that most will appreciate. The offset has also been reduced slightly, as has the thickness of the topline and the width of the sole. 


  • Sensational feel
  • Consistently long
  • Near faultless looks


  • Nervy players may not appreciate the slimmed down size


An easy-to-hit, lightweight iron with a draw bias. As a result of their lightweight and forgiving feel, these Cobra Air-X Irons are some of the best golf irons for seniors.

Starting with the looks, the Air-X features lots of design elements and flashes of red that will stand out. Down at address, the thick topline and wide sole make it inviting to hit and the seven iron has a generous amount of offset to complement the draw bias in the head. Serial slicers can overcome this by doing so.

Additionally, the iron has a significant amount of forgiveness. In testing, we found it easy to replicate a soft draw and the feel off the face felt lively and consistent over a large area. Its deep undercut design and the fact that the lofts aren’t super strong helped launch even shots struck low on the face. 


  • Feel easy to swing fast
  • Inviting looks at address
  • Forgiving off center


  • Not available in One Length


Fast swingers will appreciate this strong-lofted, compact distance iron. Cobra’s King Forged Tec X iron is a new addition to the company’s iron line up and is said to introduce a brand new category of ‘players’ game improvement.

As one of the most compact game improvement irons available, it provides neat and tidy looks behind the ball and has a fairly thick topline that will inspire confidence at address.

It has a very springy feel off the face and a relatively clicky sound, but the flight is flat or penetrating. Furthermore, the stability in the head makes shot shaping relatively easy, and the forgiving nature allows you to achieve plenty of distance even when hitting off centre.


  • Exceptionally long
  • Explosive feel
  • Refined, condensed profile


  • Flat trajectory limits stopping power


Golfers seeking maximum distance and forgiveness should consider this product. A floating steel bar is completely separate from the body and face of the LTDx, giving it a highly complex design. To encourage the face to flex more while improving sound and feel, the face is suspended in lightweight polymer to put the center of gravity right behind the preferred striking area.

From a visual standpoint, it looks inviting, although we’d prefer not to see the rear of the sole visible from 7-iron and lower in the playing position. There is a good chance this is due to the lofts here getting even stronger. The 7-iron is 26.5°, and only the Titleist T400 hybrid-iron has a loft higher than that.

Because of the strong lofts, you see consistent performance in distance, with predictable and repeatable yardages allowing you to find more greens. At under $1000, you’re getting a great deal of performance for the money, as with most Cobra clubs, the value for money is impressive. Additionally, there are Arccos Smart Sensors incorporated into the grips of the One Length irons.


  • +Long and consistently so
  • +Very user friendly for golfers that utilise a lot of the face area
  • +Excellent value for money


  • Flat ball flight and low spin limits stopping power
  • Sizeable profile behind the ball at address


Players who want a soft feel and workability should consider this iron. The Cobra King Tour MIM irons aim to fill a category where Cobra may be lacking, as they are designed to benefit golfers with a lower handicap than average.

It is an absolute stunner from a visual standpoint. It is not overly colorful, but it is obvious to be extremely cutting edge and elegant at the same time. At address, the lack of offset and thin topline ticks the boxes perfectly, though some may prefer a less reflective finish.

In addition to its stunning appearance, it also has great performance, with no severe head twisting on off-center hits. Although the forgiveness levels are relatively low, they are expected for iron of this compact size, so it is clear that it is designed for those who strike consistently.


  • Stunning looks and a compact, elegant profile at address
  • Provides a soft feel
  • Consistent distances
  • Ample workability


  • Does lack off-centre forgiveness
  • Some may prefer a less reflective finish


The distance iron from Cobra from last year still offers up-to-date performance. Among the best distance irons on the market, the Radspeed from Cobra is known for its forgiving nature. 

A big improvement over the lighter checked pattern of the King Speedzone is the generous offset and darker carbon fibre section within the topline. Aside from its looks, the 3D printed medallion also contributes to a softer feel, while still maintaining plenty of zing off the face at impact.


  • Fast and long from various different lies
  • Very playable ball flight
  • Incredible distance


  • Extra distance may create gapping issues


This iron might be two years old, but it still offers great value for money. It’s a first iron to feature a carbon fibre topline that is certainly eye-catching to look at. Although it might not appeal to everyone, you soon forget about it as you focus on the performance.

As a result of the stable head, it does not leave anything behind when hit off-center. Additionally, we liked how the effective sole width has been reduced while maintaining the bounce, so it feels a bit faster through the turf as a result. As with the One Length option and Cobra Connect shot tracking, there is serious value for money to be had here.


  • Incredible distance
  • Strong flight thanks to lower spin
  • Easy to control flight and shape


  • Distance gains will come from severe strengthening of the lofts
  • Carbon fibre topline will divide opinion


This utility iron is powerful, adjustable, and versatile. The Cobra King Utility iron not only brings forgiveness to the long iron market, but also flexibility, thanks to the MyFly adjustable hosel. The loft can be adjusted through five settings over 3° and another three draw settings via a screw in the heel of the club. Furthermore, there are two models of the King Utility in the form of 2, three, and four irons, and the loft ranges overlap, so it is possible to adjust the lie and shaft length between each model to get the perfect set-up for your bag as well.

It is one of the most forgiving utility iron golf clubs on the market today, with a compact head that makes it one of the best utility irons. With its square head and subtle offset on the hosel, the club face has more time to square, so the margin for error is enhanced. At address you can see the back of the hollow head, but the classic chrome styling keeps it looking like an iron at the same time.


  • Forgiving head
  • Adjustable hosel
  • Easy to launch


  • Square looks

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There is no doubt that Cobra produces some of the best golf irons on the market, catering to both low and high-handicap players.


Professional golfers like Bryson DeChambeau, Rickie Fowler, and Lexi Thompson regularly use Cobra drivers, irons, and putters on the PGA and LPGA tours.

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