10 Best Color Changing Landscape lights in 2022

It is one of the leading trends in landscape lighting today to use color-changing lights. It creates a beautiful atmosphere in your garden and enhances your special events. Currently, most manufacturers produce color-changing lights. In order to ensure good quality, do not purchase inexpensive color-changing lights. Cheap color-changing lights do not last long and should not be used for all of your landscape lights. This would be excessive. It is possible to have 5 to 8 color-changing landscape lights if you have a total of 20 lights.

There should be a high lumen output, high brightness, vibrant colors, and a good distinction between colors in a good color-changing landscape light.

10 Best Color Changing Landscape light Reviews:

1. Linkind Solar color-changing landscape spotlights

Linkind Solar color-changing landscape spotlights

Key specifications

  • IP67 ratings
  • 7 fixed and 1 auto changing color.
  • Solar-powered
  • Adjustable solar panel
  • 2 way instalation

This Linkind solar-powered color-changing spotlight is the perfect choice if you have a lot of trees in your backyard or garden.

There are seven colors in this light, which makes it a color-changing light. All of them are very bright and smooth. With a back button, you can easily change the colors both dynamically and statically. They also have a clear contrast between colors, so you can easily distinguish each color.

As compact solar lights, these spotlights are much brighter than other solar spotlights from different brands. This has been my experience with these spotlights.

There are several benefits to this product. The first is the ease of installation. It cannot be easier. You can install it in the ground with a stick for use as a landscape light or even attach it to the wall for use as a wall light. I have tried both and they are very effective.

Since these lights are solar-powered, you must ensure that they are exposed to the sun for at least six hours in order to be used for 4-6 hours. Cloudy weather may result in a few hours. In low light, you will get a longer life, but low light may not be enough for you. In addition, it is essential that these lights are installed under different types of sunlight without obstacles.

In the opinion of one user, these lights are only effective for about two hours if it is cloudy or if there is not sufficient sunlight for six hours or more.

It is one of the coolest features I find very useful to have the automatic dusk-to-dawn feature. This means that I never need to turn it on or off when it is night or daytime.

Additionally, these lights include some great features. For example, the head can be adjusted 90 degrees vertically and 180 degrees horizontally. That means that they can be used for both landscape lighting and wall lighting.

As a final point, these lights are rated IP67, which is critical for outdoor lighting. Therefore, no matter if it is winter, summer, or raining, you can be confident. Additionally, these lights are aesthetically pleasing, and the body of the light is quite strong. Overall, there is no better option than these color-changing spotlights based on brightness, build quality, and price.

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2. Ustellar LED color changing landscape Flood Lights

Ustellar LED color changing landscape Flood Lights

These color-changing remote control floodlights from Ustellar are an excellent choice when you need to illuminate a wider outdoor area with color-changing floodlights. These lights are very versatile and are suitable for a wide range of lighting requirements both indoors and outdoors. In addition to spreading colorful lights over a large area, this floodlight is suitable for a variety of purposes such as party lighting, Christmas lighting, and other social gatherings.

It is possible to set 1000 different colors with the remote control, enhancing your patio and other places. Additionally, the remote control is capable of activating 20 present colors with six different moods of color for different purposes such as flash, smooth, strobe, or fade.

The 44-key remote control allows you to perform all of these functions. These lights are extremely vibrant and bright. They can be used both indoor and outdoor. For example, stage lights, strobe lights, wedding lights, festival lights, landscape lights, etc.

It is possible to mount them on the wall as an outdoor floodlight, as Christmas and Halloween lights, as indoor party lights, and as flashlights on stages.

Furthermore, these lights have dimmability so that you can easily reduce their brightness with the remote, thus saving energy. You literally can impress your neighbors and guests with these lights. Both inside and outside, they will create a completely different, beautiful and colorful environment.

Here’s what a user said about the light:

The Ustellar lights have never let me down. I have all of them in my yard, and I love the fact that I can change the color, brightness, and set a timer. 

The IP66 rating means that dust will not damage the unit, and it can withstand powerful water jets but not immersion in water. If you must use it for uplighting, you should not place it in the ground where it will be submerged in water. The memory function and timing can be easily set. A time can be easily set for switching off the lights.

There are a number of amazing things about these lights, but there are also a number of drawbacks.

The lights do not come with stakes for mounting them. The manufacturer claims that the cord is 59 inches, but it is actually 36 inches in length. Additionally, the remote control does not function properly with all four lights and has stopped working completely with two of them.

A complaint has also been made about the difficulty of changing the color of the light with the remote control, and the light is fixed in one color, such as red, green, or blue, and cannot be changed. There are, however, very few instances of this type.

Product Specifications

  • Versatile uses for both indoor and outdoor
  • IP66 waterproof rating
  • 1000 DIY colors
  • 44 keys remote controls
  • 2 years warrenty
  • Memory function and timmer setting

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3. BEAU JARDIN color changing Solar landscape Path Lights

BEAU JARDIN color changing Solar landscape Path Lights

The BEAU JARDIN color-changing solar pathway light is the best choice if you are looking for colorful pathway lights. This lighting system is not limited to pathways; it can also be used to enhance the aesthetic beauty of any outdoor area such as a backyard, garden, driveway, etc. It is very easy to set the different colors. You can select either one color or a color changing mood by sliding on the tops. They come in seven different colors, all of which are very bright and vibrant.

You can turn off automatic color change by sliding the switch to the right; the current color will remain. The switch can be slid to the middle if you wish to maintain a color-changing mood. The color-changing patterns of these lights are very beautiful. In addition, the hexagonal diamond-shaped design on the glass gives the lights a very graceful and aesthetic appearance. They work perfectly.

Moreover, these lights are solar powered, so they will not require electricity. Furthermore, they come with dusk-to-dawn features, so you will not have to worry about turning them on and off throughout the day.

This is what a user said about these solar color-changing lights:

I am very pleased with my solar lights from BEAU JARDIN. It was easy to install; the lights are well-built and very durable. I appreciate the ability to change the color of the lights. Christmas decorations were green and red, Valentine’s Day decorations were pink and red, and St. Patrick’s Day decorations were green. Blue, red, and white will be my choice for July 4th.

It is fantastic that these lights come assembled and ready to install. You simply push the spike into the ground, and that’s it. There are no cords to worry about and there is no need for additional tools.

It offers IP65 rating, which means that dust and jets of water won’t damage the lights. The combination of watertight glass and stainless steel feels solid and appealing. The plastic spikes aren’t too bad either.

The negatives also outweigh the positives. According to a few users, the lights do not last all night, and only run for three to four hours. However, this may be due to the lack of direct sunlight. Additionally, after changing the batteries, a user reported that these lights now give more than 10+ hours on a regular basis.

Product Specifications

  • 6500K color
  • Dusk to dawn
  • IP65 rating
  • 7 auto interchanging colors
  • Solar powered

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4. SUNVIE Color Changing Landscape Spotlight with Remote Control

SUNVIE Color Changing Landscape Spotlight with Remote Control

A second spotlight to brighten up your landscape at night is available here. These SUNVIE lights are not solar powered as the first one, but they can be controlled remotely. With the remote control, you can easily change the 16 different colors, as well as the 4 different modes. We have found that other brands offer a range of 15 or 20 feet when it comes to this feature.

There are two remote controls that are capable of working even at 50 feet of distance. Additionally, the brightness of these lights can be dimmed via the remote control, and you can always restore your previous color configuration using the memory function.

These lights are fairly bright, the colors are beautiful and there are clear differences among colors. The color changing is amazing. I love the color and intensity of these lights. Therefore, this product is ideal for bringing out the colors of plants and trees in the natural environment.

This is the first metal built landscape light I have come across. These lights are well built, durable, and sturdy. The wiring is also very strong, so they can withstand severe outdoor weather conditions.

As outdoor lights, they are weather and dust resistant as rated IP65, but one user complained that a small amount of moisture was found behind the glass two weeks after installation.

These lights can be installed in two ways. They can also be mounted on the ground or mounted on the wall outdoors. Therefore, they can also be used as uplights.

Firstly, you must turn off the power before connecting to prevent shock. These landscape lights come with wire connectors, which is very good and appreciable in comparison to other brands that sell them separately. Additionally, the brackets can easily be bent and are soft.

Dig holes in the ground before you use the lights or soften the soil before you fix them. A second problem is that, if the distance between lights is less than ten feet, the remote can affect other lights even if you only need to change the color of one of them.

It has been reported by some users that these lights are not really 12W, but when compared to other brands RGB, these are much brighter.

They are also much more affordable considering they include wire connectors. The allen wrench and hardware add more value, as well as excellent customer service.

Product Specifications

  • 900 lumens
  • Two RF remote controls
  • 50,000 hours
  • 16 interchanging colors
  •  4 modes
  • IP65 rating
  • 2-way installation
  • 12W
  • Aluminum frame

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5. Govee Smart Color Changing Landscape ground Lights

Govee Smart Color Changing Landscape ground Lights

In order to install smart colorful landscape ground lighting that requires no switch or remote control, I recommend the Govee outdoor smart RGBICW ground light. There are many exciting features to these lights. It is possible to set each light a different color, so you will have a very colorful and ultimate look on your path, garden, landscape, etc.

These lights are controlled using Govee Homme’s app and can also be controlled by voice assistants such as Google Assistant and Alexa. I appreciate how they have both app and voice control capabilities.

The Home app on your device can be used to control the lights through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. The light can be controlled with your voice. You can also download the application to control the lights from your smartphone. Thus, you can control everything with these smart features. For example, you can schedule the lights using a timer. You can choose from unlimited colors with different effects to create your own DIY moving sense. In addition, 43 different scenes are already available for your selection.

You can also set the lights to dance with your music bits. Guests and neighbors have been complimenting one of your users on this feature.

Due to its IP67 rating for water immersion for 15cm and 1m, the lights can withstand environmental elements like dust and water. The power adapter must not be submerged in water in order to prevent electric shock, however. The lights can also be dimmed from 1%-100% in order to conserve power and set the brightness according to your requirements.

Installing the lights could not be simpler. Simply attach the stakes to the connectors of the lights and push them into the ground. Finally, connect the power adapter to the plug-in.

These packs contain 15 lights that are spaced 22.5 inches apart. The lights cover 26 feet in length and emit bright lighting that is encouraging and bright. I also appreciate that installation is straightforward since you only need to stake the lights and connect them to a power source. Moreover, since they are on the ground, the wires are thick enough to last for a long time.

These lights are not very bright. You cannot replace floodlights, spotlights, or outdoor lamps with these lights. Additionally, the build quality is questionable and the price isn’t very cheap. More importantly, you can’t connect to power outside due to the fact that the plug is not waterproof. So these lights have a limited range of application.

Even after taking all factors into consideration, these lights remain one of the best smart landscape lights available.

Product specifications

  • App and voice control
  • Google Assistant and Alexa
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Control
  • Millions of colors
  • 1.5-watt electricity
  • Dimmable and adjustable
  • IP67 rating
  • Supports music syncing
  • Timer settings

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6. OxyLED color changing Solar Garden Globe Lights

OxyLED color changing Solar Garden Globe Lights

It is possible to make your outdoor landscape a colorful world with these auto-changing solar globe lights from OXYLED. In addition, the cracked glass globe design enhances the brightness and delight of the light. You can use these lights on your patio, driveway, backyard, fence, walkway, etc. In any outdoor location. The best part is that the light is a Dusk-to-Dawn light that comes on at night and goes off during the day. Therefore, you do not have to do anything after installation. You do not have to exert any effort in order to turn on and off the light.

These lights have 8 different colors and change one after another automatically. The globes are a little small, but they are bright enough to create a colorful outdoor atmosphere. Additionally, my favorite feature is that the colors change on their own. With the 600mAh batteries fully charged, they can last up to 8 hours, even while you sleep, without having to press a remote control or voice command. The IP65 waterproof rating also prevents damage from jets of water.

You can also adjust the lights to any direction you need. The globes are made of glass, but you can also use an existing globe if you have one that you no longer need.

There have been several complaints that the stakes have broken during installation in the ground. Therefore, be careful while installing them to avoid breakage. Do not push too hard; instead, use another stake first to make the installation easier before sticking them. Besides, these lights are not inexpensive. Several other users also reported that a few lights had stopped working. However, this is an extremely rare incident.

The solar-powered globe lights, however, are very impressive, they create a beautiful ambiance in the landscape. The globe design is more elegant than any other design on the market.

Product specifications

  • IP65 ratings
  • Solar powered
  • Dusk-to-Dawn lights
  • Automatic color-changing
  • 600mAh battery
  • Globe design glass

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Things to Consider Before Buying Color Changing Landscape Lights

Quality color distinction and vibrant

The color-changing landscape light should be bright and vibrant, and a good quality color-changing landscape light should distinguish colors clearly. Check the quality of the light and return it if the quality is not satisfactory.


Check the number of lumens of any light before considering it. A floodlight’s location should provide the appropriate number of lumens. For example, the appropriate number of lumens for a floodlight should be 700 to 1300 lumens. A minimum of 12 to 100 lumens should be used for step lights, and a maximum of 700 lumens should be used for security lights. A minimum of 200 to 400 lumens should be obtained for underwater lights.

A minimum of 50 to 185 lumens should be used for wall lights. It is recommended that your landscape spotlights have at least 120 to 850 lumens, while your pathway lights should have 100 to 200 lumens. Pool lights should have 200-400 lumens, while lamp posts should have 120 to 180 lumens.


Before purchasing landscape lights, determine where they will be placed. There are a number of landscape lights available, and each one works well for certain locations. For example, spotlights, floodlights, up/down lights, step lights, garden lights, string lights, etc. Each of these lights has specific uses and locations, so it is important to take this into consideration when selecting these lights.

As an example, spotlights only illuminate one direction, which is why they are used to illuminate walls, statues, patios, and plants. Floodlights, on the other hand, radiate light all around and are appropriate for larger landscapes. You should choose the type of lighting that is appropriate for your location. Path lights are designed to illuminate a pathway. Uplights are intended to illuminate walls and yards.


The landscape lights are generally waterproof since they are also outdoor lights. The lights you keep outdoors are likely to contact water and other environmental elements, so you should take into consideration the IP rating before selecting a brand. IP ratings against water contact range from 1 to 8 for example.

IP ratings are based on dripping water, immersion up to 1 m, and complete immersion up to 8 m. If there are splashes of water, you should target a rating of three to four, and for water jets, you should target a rating of five to six.

It is recommended that outdoor landscape lighting be rated at least IP65.


You should also consider the wattage level of the lights since it also affects how much electricity is consumed by them. In today’s energy-concerned society, it is imperative that you check the wattage of the light before purchasing. When wattage is high, it will consume more electricity. Therefore, you should check the wattage before purchasing to know what you intend to use the light for.

You may want to target lights with wattage of 40 or lower for garden beds, pathways, or other areas. Depending on the size of your yard or driveway, you may be able to find lights ranging from 40 watts to 80 watts.

You should keep in mind that 80 watts are extremely high-power consumption and are only appropriate for large driveways and lawns. If such lights feature motion sensors, it will be difficult for predators to approach your residence.

Smart features

If you are seeking lights with these features, check the brands well to discover those that are equipped with them. For example, you can find lights with voice control and motion sensor technology.

With Alexa voice control and Google Home, users can execute different commands through speech on their light and their phones. To simplify usage, when shopping for landscape lights, pay attention to these smart features or others. Dusk to dawn lighting is also a great feature in landscape lighting, as it eliminates the need to switch on and off lights during the day and at night.

Color Temperature

Another important aspect to consider when choosing a landscape light is the color temperature of the light. Color temperature can be interpreted as the brightness of your light when it is outdoors, as well as how white or yellowish it appears. You can choose the correct color temperature based on the location you wish to place the light. Also, if you wish to have each part of the landscape carry a different color temperature, you can do so.

In general, landscape lights should be set to between 3000K and 4000K. This is because the plants around will show natural color when the Kelvin is high. If you are moonlighting your landscape, you should make sure to use 4000K. For a natural and soothing tone that complements architectural elements outdoors, select 2500K to 2700K.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

1. What is the best color for landscape lighting?

The best color temperature for landscape light should be 2700K(warm white). Due to the warm whiteness of such colors, they are generally soothing and welcoming. A color temperature of 2000K will produce a warm reddish light glow for entertainment areas. Furthermore, 3000K is natural and highlights the blues and greens of vegetation. Finally, a color temperature of 4000K will provide a moonlight glow.

2. Do LED landscape lights burn out?

It is very rare for LED lights to burn out. We need to replace them if they fail. However, today most LED bulbs have a 50000 hours lifespan rating. As time passes, their output decreases. Therefore, experts measure the life of LEDs based on the duration of their efficient light output. This is why LED lights are considered damaged when their light output reaches 70% of what is known as L70, which is the limit of their light output.

3. Why is landscape lighting so expensive?

As a result of the materials used, landscape lighting is usually very expensive. Usually, cast brass is used, which is a highly durable and reliable material. In addition, this material is very long lasting and tolerant of harsh environmental conditions.

4. Are LED landscape lights worth it?

Led landscape lighting is quite expensive, but it is certainly worth the price. Due to their long-lasting nature, they do not require rapid replacement. They are also highly energy-efficient, saving you more money on your electricity bills. Some also come with solar power, so you don’t have to pay electricity bills.

5. How long do landscape lights Last?

It largely depends on the quality and material of the lighting. As landscape lights face extreme weather conditions, the quality of the material will determine the landscape light’s lifespan. A LED landscape light can last between 25,000 and 50,000 hours when used continuously. The light’s life span, however, can be extended to over 10 years with fewer hours of daily usage.

6. How can I change the color of my landscape lights?

A color-changing landscape light often comes with a remote control so that the color can be changed. It is also possible to change the color of your non-color-changing landscape lights by using dichroic color filters. If there is no remote control, then there must be a switch control on the light. By reflecting some light colors, these filters are designed to only allow certain colors to pass through them.

7. Should I leave landscape lights on all night?

The primary purpose of landscape lighting is to provide adequate lighting throughout an area, particularly in darkness, so it is best to leave them on all night in order to ensure your property is safe. If the lights are left on at night, they are fulfilling the purpose for which they were installed. Additionally, some lights are dusk-to-dawn, meaning they remain on all night and turn off at dawn.

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