10 Best Color Stay Lip Gloss Reviews of 2022

The best travel lip gloss is a high-shine lip gloss with a matte finish that won’t rub off! Check out these TFG options for a high-shine lip gloss that won’t rub off!

There may be times when you want a lighter touch and something that is not quite as heavy, which is when a gloss is perfect!  

With sheer lip gloss, you can achieve a look that is low maintenance while also looking classy and polished. Normally, I don’t travel with lipstick, but I take a lip pencil and a tinted gloss. My lips stay moisturized and look plump and glossy all day long.

Taking it easy in Playa del Carmen wearing my favorite lip gloss from Too Faced and a J.Crew tee. Lip glosses are no longer overly sticky, brands have revolutionized them to be long-lasting, to stay on your lips and not on your wine glass!

10 Best Color Stay Lip Gloss Reviews

1. Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme Lip Plumper

Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme Lip Plumper

My favorite lip gloss from Too Faced is a lip volumizing formula that keeps my lips plump. It keeps my lips hydrated, especially when I am running around at a conference all day, or if I am on the go from site to site. Having a subtle color means it is just enough tint without being excessive, which means I don’t need to touch it up as often.

A fan raves about this glossy lip gloss, stating, “I’ve had Too Faced lip injection plumpers in the past, but never this pink one that smells like bubblegum.” Another user says, “Nice plumper and love the color.” A slight pink look and plumpness make it really beautiful and smells great.”

Please note that the plumping action will cause your lips to tingle when applied.

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2. Glossier Lip Gloss Shine 

Glossier Lip Gloss Shine

With its shiny, long-lasting nature, Glossier lip gloss seems to be on the lips of all beauty influencers (pun intended!) With vitamin E and jojoba oil, it keeps your lips lusciously soft for hours. They offer a glossier red lip gloss, a clear gloss, and a holographic gloss.

One reviewer says, “My new favorite gloss! I absolutely love it! It’s so shiny and it actually hydrates my lips too! It’s a bit pricey for a gloss, but it’s so worth it!”.

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3. MAC Shiny Pretty Things Mini Lip Glosses

MAC Shiny Pretty Things Mini Lip Glosses

The MAC lip gloss sets contain four pretty colors in mini tubes that are long-lasting, nourishing, and cruelty-free. 

This lip gloss set is coveted by many users. “I want them all full-size now, I love them! I find them better than lipstick and other lip gloss. They mix amazingly with lipstick, you know when the color is just off a tad.”

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4. FENTY BEAUTY by Rihanna Lip Gloss 

It boasts a peach-vanilla scent that users adore, and it has a non-sticky formula enriched with shea butter. These glosses come in six gorgeous shades with a non-sticky formula. Users also love that it lasts all day. 

There is no sticky, tacky feeling to this Fenty lipgloss. It has great shine, makes your lips feel luscious, and looks great on!

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5. Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Gloss

Anastasia lip gloss is a fan favorite because it delivers a high-shine look with a creamy formula with a delicious vanilla scent. With a wide variety of neutral and pink Anastasia lip gloss tones to choose from, choosing your perfect color will be the hardest part.

Some users say it is too glittery, and advise against it if you do not like sparkle. However, users love the glossy colors and moisturizing qualities. The color stays on for so long, and the formula feels amazing and feels amazing on my lips. The scent is also amazing.”

6. Stila Beauty Boss Shiny Lips Gloss

Stila Beauty Boss Shiny Lips Gloss

With the iridescent light of these Stila shiny lip gloss tubes, you’ll shimmer like a star; they add volume and don’t sting or burn you like some other glosses do. They come in a variety of gorgeous and long-lasting shades (including a blue lip gloss that sounds bizarre but looks great layered over a lipstick color).

It is honestly the best lip gloss I’ve ever used. As someone who has tiny lips, I am extremely picky when it comes to lip products, and glosses tend to either feel like glue or disappear in five seconds. This product is incredibly hydrating and stays in place for hours without feeling sticky. I also enjoy its pleasant scent.”

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7. ColourPop Ultra Glossy Lip

ColourPop Ultra Glossy Lip

ColorPop lip gloss is smoothing and nourishing and comes in a variety of glossy shades that look great over lipstick or straight on. It is vegan, cruelty-free, and comes in a variety of shades. It swipes on in a perfect layer with its brush applicator, but some users find it can be a little coarse and not as nice as a doe-foot applicator that comes with glosses usually. 

The ColourPop gloss is loved by users, raving about its beautiful colors and super shiny lip finish. One customer says, “I get compliments on my lips all the time!”.

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8. E.l.f. Cosmetics Plumping Tinted Lip Gloss

E.l.f. Cosmetics Plumping Tinted Lip Gloss

With this elf lip gloss, your lips will feel hydrated and plump. It contains vitamin E and coconut oil to keep them hydrated. It has mixed reviews regarding its plumping effect, but if you can handle the tingle sensation, users say its colors last for a long time.

“There’s a perfect amount of color pay off and shimmer, not too sticky, low cost, and just enough plumping action. Definitely worth trying.” says one user. It’s also available in clear lip gloss, for those who prefer a non-tinted gloss, or in natural shades of lip lacquer if you’d prefer a tinted gloss.

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9. NYX Professional Makeup Butter Lip Gloss

NYX Professional Makeup Butter Lip Gloss

The NYX Lipgloss is one of the best drugstore lip glosses. For only a few dollars, you can have butter-soft lips that feel sweet and kissable. It glides on smoothly and has good coverage.

Some users rave about the well pigmented lip gloss colors. One shares, “I love these butter glosses so much! So creamy, with a great color payoff, and super moisturizing. Highly recommended!”

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10. New York Color Big Bold Lip Gloss

New York Color Big Bold Lip Gloss

The NYC lip gloss has a mild tingle action, and users love the colors and lightweight, non-sticky formula. 

One person said, “I love this lip plumper. The colors are great. It does have that initial sting that lip plumpers have.”.

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What Is Lip Gloss?

The gloss is usually dispensed in a tube with a wand-style applicator, and it plumps up your lips while also making them shine. For a more casual occasion, where a full lip color is ‘too much’, you can opt for darker, more dramatic shades for a glam night look. A dark red is always a winner!

The formulation of lip gloss has improved over the years, so it’s no longer the same sticky goo of the 90s, so it’s easy to apply for a high-shine look.

Lipstick vs Lip Gloss

If you’re looking for a lip gloss to give your lips a glossy luster, rather than a bold color like lipstick or liquid lip color, you’ve come to the right place. Most lip glosses have a plumping or iridescent sparkle that can be worn over lipstick, giving you the best of both worlds. 

Make your lips extra shiny by applying a tinted color or a clear gloss over your usual lip shade.

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