The Best Commode for Large People: Top 5 Picks

Most of us use the toilet multiple times a day, and it is a fact that we all use it every day. The toilet is where I spend the majority of my mornings reading the news and scrolling through social media. This behavior led me to realize that a standard toilet was not adequate for my size.

Our combined weights of over 340 pounds and 6’4 inches make going to the bathroom uncomfortable, so we invested in some of the best oversized toilets available. Obese individuals often experience mobility issues, which is why a toilet that is too low is extremely uncomfortable to use. When we used them, we always experienced leg cramps, lower back pain, and difficulty standing up afterward. These heavy-duty toilets for fat people, which I will share with you, eliminated these problems. 

Make sure you check out these options if you are looking for good oversized toilets for obese individuals. 

5 Best Commode for Large People:

1. Convenient Height Toilet

Convenient Height Toilet

Currently, I use this heavy-duty toilet in our master bathroom and consider it the best toilet for large individuals. I paired mine with a bidet and a Big John oversized toilet seat cover, and the result is excellent. With this toilet setup, I can use this toilet for hours without experiencing any pain or issues when it is time to get off, making it a comfortable toilet for overweight persons regardless of their size. 

This convenient height toilet lets you sit 20 inches high as opposed to 15 inches high on a standard toilet, because it is the same height as a chair. Moreover, it has a slow-closing toilet seat that eliminates the banging noise that often occurs as a result of your inability to softly close the toilet seat. 

Moreover, it has a high elevation gravity flush and a dual flush actuator, which means it is well equipped to flush away anything you left behind! You can conserve water or release the entire tank when necessary with the dual flush system, by lifting the flush lever, which releases .8 gallons per flush, or pushing down the flush lever, which releases a full 1.28 gallons. 

Best of all, it does not appear cheap and is sturdy enough to handle heavy individuals. 

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2. American Standard 2961A104SC.020

American Standard 2961A104SC.020

I highly recommend this American Standard toilet because of its height of 16.6 inches. This is just the right height to prevent back pain or leg cramps. Additionally, it comes with a stunning design that will go with any bathroom.

Furthermore, this toilet features an elongated design that provides more sitting space as well as a slow close seat lid. Unlike other toilets that use separate tanks and toilets, this toilet is designed as a one-piece unit that will prevent dirt and bacteria from building up under the bowl due to a one-piece design. Additionally, a bidet can be easily installed with this toilet, making it an excellent choice. 

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3. Kohler K-3999-0 Highline

Kohler K-3999-0 Highline

It features an elongated toilet bowl shape instead of an oval bowl, which is ideal for our obese bodies. The Kohler K-3999-0 is an excellent high-seat heavy-duty toilet that would be ideal for fat people. As a result of the comfort height design, the bowl is the same height as a chair, making it easy to stand up after using it. 

The toilet has two flush functions, the light flush, which is designed to conserve water if not much has to be removed from the bowl, and the heavy flush, which is powerful enough to clear anything. The bowl design is elegant, and it fits well even in a small bathroom, so most of you would be able to use it. 

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If you want something fancy, this Woodbridge toilet is the one to get. This oversized toilet for obese people packs many impressive features that will make it a great option. With the comfort height design, it does not sit as high as the others. However, I believe that the features you receive with it make up for this, and I am confident that if you are a shorter person, you will not have any issues with the height. 

A smart bidet seat comes with this toilet, which offers a surprising spray of water when you use it for the first time. Fortunately, you can adjust the water pressure so that you can get accustomed to it quickly. In addition, it is heated just enough before spraying to ensure your comfort. 

Besides having a heated seat that can be adjusted to six different temperatures, this toilet also has a built-in air purification system to ensure that no one can detect the scent of your food. 

Its best feature is the automatic open/close lid that detects when you are close by and opens automatically. With this feature, you no longer have to bend over to open the toilet every time. 

The technology used in this extra-large toilet is fully certified, so there is no need to worry about it. 

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5. TOTO MS854114EL Toilet

TOTO MS854114EL Toilet

Lastly, this TOTO elongated toilet will also make your life easier when you go. It includes a sleek one-piece design that makes it easy to clean. In addition, this Toto toilet is available in four colors to enable you to match it perfectly with your bathroom decor. 

Toto toilets for big and tall people are also designed with high seats that make them convenient for obese people. As well as having one of the most powerful flushing setups I have ever seen, it comes with a soft close hinge installed in the seat in order to prevent that dreaded slam that warns you that the seat is on the verge of breaking. 

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How Much Weight Can The Average Toilet Hold?

Toilets are capable of supporting weights up to 1,000 lbs., however, how they are mounted, their overall design, seat shape, and riser height affect how stable and comfortable they are.

For large adults, it is recommended that they purchase a toilet with a taller seat height and upgrade the seat to one that is padded, reinforced, and ergonomically designed. In addition to contributing to a toilet’s stability and weight support, an oval-shaped elongated seat may provide a better feel on the set than a round seat.

Is There A Weight Limit On Toilet Seats?

There is only a limit to which standard toilet seats can accommodate persons weighing 250 to 300 pounds before structural integrity becomes compromised. When a heavier person uses an average toilet seat, it is more likely that they will experience difficulty getting up, sitting down, cracking the seat, and having a poor quality overall experience. It is a welcome relief to install a toilet seat that can withstand weights up to 1,200 pounds, be built for comfort, or heavy-duty.

How Strong Are Wall Hung Toilets?

There are several manufacturers of wall-hung toilets that claim their fixtures will withstand the weight of anyone who sits on the porcelain throne. However, how hardy are these toilets really? Most people believe that a floor-mounted toilet provides more support and stability, especially for people weighing over 300 pounds. It is rare for a stainless steel wall-hung toilet to provide equal support to a floor-mounted toilet. Approximately 500 to 800 pounds can be handled by a wall-hung toilet before it fails.

What Is A Bariatric Toilet?

Bariatric toilets are designed for individuals with larger builds or heavier weights in order to comfortably and effectively sit down. In addition to the heavy-duty toilet seat, this toilet usually has handles, padding, and reinforcements to hold the bowl in place. Two of the most important aspects of a bariatric toilet’s design are safety and adequate support, which are crucial to assisting a person in successfully using the toilet.

A padded backrest, padded arms, as well as removable parts may also be included to facilitate access to and from the toilet. It is important to note that bariatric toilets are generally placed higher than average toilets, in order to facilitate maneuverability and ensure that hygiene is maintained safely and stress-free. When ADA-compliant bathrooms are required, bariatric toilets may be beneficial.


You will be able to use your bathroom for many hours if you choose one of these heavy duty toilets. They all are compatible with bidets and feature a variety of cool features that may interest you. In the end, I found the first option to be the most comfortable. 

It is likely that you could get by with using a more high-tech toilet if you do not stand as tall as I am. My disappointment was that they did not provide a taller option, and that toilet was truly impressive. If the height is suitable for you, and you desire the fanciest option, please take a look at it and let me know what you think. 

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