Top 10 Best De Safety Razors of 2022

It is recommended that you read our safety razor anatomy page beforehand, which will help you to understand why open combs are more aggressive than safety bars.

10 Best De Safety Razor Reviews

1. Wet Shaving Club Baili BD191 Safety Razor

Wet Shaving Club Baili BD191 Safety Razor

As opposed to other services, Wet Shaving Club doesn’t require subscriptions or monthly fees. Instead, you simply order the bundles and deals you need when you want them.

This razor is an excellent choice for beginners as well as experienced shavers. It’s a Chinese Baili BD191, which is well-made and affordable. It is also available at Vikings Blade, but it costs a bit more there.

There are 105 South Korean Dorco razor blades included in the package, which is a generous amount for what Wet Shaving Club claims is a year’s supply.

You can also get deals on soaps and brushes from Wet Shaving Club if you’re new to safety razors and don’t want to spend too much.

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2. Edwin Jagger Double Edge Safety Razor

Edwin Jagger Double Edge Safety Razor

This gleaming chrome-plated razor has an attractive design and is lightweight in the hand, making it an ideal choice for both beginners and seasoned enthusiasts.

There is also a scalloped closed comb on the head, which guides hair precisely without being aggressive. The blade gap is very narrow, which is ideal for those who are new to hair removal or have sensitive skin.

The handle measures 3.3 inches (8.5 cm) long and should fit even the largest mitts. The blade can be replaced easily and the razor can be unscrewed into three pieces. Changing the heads as you progress in your shaving experience is also an option.

This razor comes from a Sheffield-based UK company known for their premium shaving products, yet it is affordable. You can find it on for only $29, which is a fantastic price.

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3. Rockwell Model T Stainless Steel Razor

Rockwell Model T Stainless Steel Razor

The brand wanted to take on a more ambitious project following the success of its 6C and 6S razors. At the time, safeties with butterfly mechanisms were uncommon, as were razors with adjustable butterfly mechanisms.

Thus, Rockwell Razors designed the Model T to combine two timeless and celebrated functions that could only be found separately on vintage razors.

It weighs 101g despite its mechanism and stainless steel construction, and has a longer handle than the 6S with 3.5 inches instead of 3.35 inches.

A Model T is a true upgrade in every way, and although it’s quite an investment, you’ll never want to use another razor again.

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4. Feather AS-D2 Double Edge Razor

Feather AS-D2 Double Edge Razor

It comes as no surprise that Feather’s safety razor is equally beloved as its celebrated stainless steel razor blades.

Its handle is 92 cm long and weighs only 90g despite being made entirely from stainless steel, making it a perfectly balanced and well-engineered razor in Japan. Indeed, the Feather AS-D2 is quite expensive at $160. However, many owners love it for what it has to offer: a razor that is perfectly balanced and well-made without any frills.

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5. Rockwell 6S Stainless Steel Safety Razor

Rockwell 6S Stainless Steel Safety Razor

The Rockwell Razors line of safety razors was launched in 2014 after a highly successful Kickstarter campaign. They have replaceable plates that enable you to customise your shave.

This razor comes with a total of three metal plates, which can be flipped over to adjust the level of aggressiveness of your shave.

The Rockwell 6S is far more robust and durable than chrome, and it won’t chip or corrode.

For those who prefer to use gravity to shave rather than apply pressure, the razor is well-designed with a weighty balance. The 6S is exceptionally well designed, with details on each plate as well as deep knurling on the handle to improve grip.

The Rockwell Pro Series Shaver, although slightly costly at $100 directly from Rockwell, offers unparalleled BBS (baby butt smooth) shaving quality. It is also well-built and will last for decades.

However, Wet Shaving Club sells the razor for a little less at $95, and it includes a year’s worth of razor blades as part of its bundle deal!

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6. Merkur 23C Long Handled Safety Razor

Merkur 23C Long Handled Safety Razor

The Merkur heritage brand offers one of the best shaving experiences available. Germany is known for providing precision and high-quality razor designs.

Safety razor users often complain that the handles are too short for comfort. While short handles have their advantages, you’ll eventually develop your own technique based on your personal preferences.

The 23C from Merkur features an extra-long handle almost 10 cm in length! If you have larger hands or would rather have a fuller handle when shaving, the 23C will be much more convenient.

Our starter bundle comes with a year’s supply of razors for $34 if you prefer the short-handled version.

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7. Mühle R41 Open Tooth Double Edge Razor

Mühle R41 Open Tooth Double Edge Razor

The open comb razor is a great option for men who have thicker beards. However, there are so many options out there that it can be difficult to find a quality open tooth razor to meet your needs. Mühle’s R41 is known for being the most aggressive razor out there.

Even though open tooth razors are better suited for more experienced wet shaver, the R41 is a good choice if you’re in a hurry and don’t have the time to shave multiple times. Applying only minimal pressure will remove even 3 or 4 days of growth.

The original model was considered too aggressive by some. To make the experience more mild, Mühle redesigned the top cap. Still, if you’re searching for a single-pass BBS shave, this is the one for you.

As open tooth razors are quite aggressive, you need the extra weight to stay in control, which is actually ideal since the newer model of the Mühle is heavier than the original three-piece model.

The Mühle R41 is the most expensive option here, but it is relatively cheap at just $44 on Therefore, make sure you choose the right open-tooth razor with our guide to safety razor types.

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8. Merkur Progress Adjustable Double Edge Razor

Merkur Progress Adjustable Double Edge Razor

With a classic design and mechanism, you just need to turn the knob at the base of the handle to adjust the blade gap of the Merkur Progress.

The blade exposure can be controlled for your mid-shave based on your skin type. For example, if your neck is sensitive, you can lower it before moving on to more challenging parts of your face. Compared to some adjustable razors that only offer different base plates to replace, this offers excellent convenience.

It is certainly a more expensive option, but it is cheaper than the Rockwell Model T. However, the versatility it offers is comparable to having several razors in one package.

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9. Merkur 39C Slanted Double Edge Razor

Merkur 39C Slanted Double Edge Razor

There are many wet shavers who swear by the distinct design of a slanted safety razor, such as the Merkur 39C.

There is no doubt that the Merkur 39C is an excellent choice for coarse beards, which is why it is often touted as the best for sensitive skin. Fortunately, this isn’t true, and you can learn more about slant heads here.

In spite of this, we recommend the Merkur 39C for those with some decent shaving experience since it can be very challenging to master. The knurled grip provides complete control while shaving.

You can’t do much better than the Merkur 39C. There is also a short-handled version called the 37C, but these are very hard to find.

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10. Vikings Blade The Emperor “Meiji” Razor

Vikings Blade The Emperor “Meiji” Razor

Stainless steel razors from Vikings Blade have been redesigned with a contemporary look. Brass details and a jet black cap complete the sleek design.

There are some conservative shaving community members who may be put off by this direction, but it may well attract younger people.

This razor also has a butterfly opening and was quite rare for many years. Recently, thanks to brands like Rockwell, it has made a significant comeback.

In the newer Vikings Blade designs, the “bowing” finish sets them apart. The blade is slightly bent due to two symmetrical burrs at the door corners. Even though it may seem strange at first, it provides heightened feedback and a smoother shave without aggressive shaving.

It’s also quite heavy, weighing 124 grams even though it’s the smallest razor blade on this list.

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Can I Use Vintage Safety Razors?

A safety razor requires very little maintenance. That isn’t to say that it doesn’t need some TLC every now and then, but it can survive untouched for far longer than straight razors.

It is therefore possible to use a safety razor you find in a garage sale or even in the bathroom of an older relative.

There is a good chance that you will inherit a safety razor, even if the relative is still alive. For example, your grandfather may have completely forgotten about his 1954 Gillette Super Speed, which is still in its box.

Ask around if you’re considering wet shaving. There are some vintage razors that can be superior to modern ones. However, many modern razors, such as those listed above, are well made.

What Are The Best Safety Razor Blades?

As opposed to cartridge razors, safety razor blades offer a wide range of options. In fact, you don’t necessarily want the sharpest blade available when choosing a blade. Sharpness is a secondary consideration when selecting the right blade.

It is more important to think about the way you will use the razor, as well as your hair and skin type. For example, different blades are best suited to the following factors:

  • Beard Thickness
  • Skin Sensitivity
  • Level Of Experience
  • Number Of Passes
  • Shaving with and against the grain
  • Other Areas Shaved (Head, Body, etc.)

With our razor blade guide, you will be able to explore all your options and find the right razor blade for you.

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