10 Best Devil Egg Carriers of 2022

As a delicious way to use up leftover boiled eggs, a foolproof party staple, and a fun way to get kids to eat these protein powerhouses, deviled eggs are hard to beat.

One of the best ways to eat eggs is with a fabulous tray, and only then are the little devils even more delicious. Delicios are easy to plop on a plate, but if you put them on a pretty platter, they’ll look as good as they taste. (Chances are, you’ll get them snatched up even faster).

The deviled egg tray once was a niche product, but now there are more and more options on the market across a variety of price points, materials, and design styles.

10 Best Devil Egg Carriers Reviews

1. Progressive SnapLock Collapsible Egg Carrier

Progressive SnapLock Collapsible Egg Carrier

Bringing deviled eggs to parties, picnics, and events is easy with this collapsible egg carrier. With a modular stacking design that integrates with other SnapLock products for easy organization, these two trays seal up airtight with a locking latch closure that is easy to use.

A reviewer says the container is “excellent,” with “good design.” Others say it is “easy to clean,” and a good size.

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2. LenoxSnowman Egg Dish

The handcrafted porcelain tray features a smiling snowman holding a tray that could hold deviled eggs and other confections.

In the case of breakage, Lenox offers a free replacement, which is available at a half-inventory. Reviewers love this “beautiful” and “lovely” tray, and they highly recommend it as a gift.

3. PortmeirionPortmeirion Sweet Pea Dish

PortmeirionPortmeirion Sweet Pea Dish

A floral motif flutters around the oval (or egg-shaped) porcelain tray, which features butterflies, sweet peas, and more. At a price that goes well above its weight class, the elegant platter would look great on a brunch table, lunch table, or bridal shower spread.

It is called “beautiful” by one reviewer, and “prettier than the picture” by another. Others would like to see it hold “more than nine eggs.”

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4. Youeon Acacia Wooden Egg Holder

Youeon Acacia Wooden Egg Holder

Double-decker wooden egg trays make attractive presentation vessels and are perfect for large parties as they hold so many eggs.

It can also be used to serve cupcakes and other round edibles at parties. Although the acacia tray shouldn’t be put in a dishwasher, it can be cleaned easily with a damp cloth.

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5. Mud Pie Mud Pie Egg Tray

Mud Pie Mud Pie Egg Tray

An unusual, streamlined, and elegant presentation can be made with this long ceramic tray that is accompanied by an aluminum serving fork.

A reviewer says the serving fork is an excellent addition to the tray. Another notes that the egg tray is “elegant yet modern at the same time. I served it at Thanksgiving and received many compliments.”

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6. Moresave Covered Holder Deviled Egg Tray

The egg tray consists of a BPA-free plastic material that is covered and stackable, making it easy to store in the refrigerator.

This deviled egg tray is available in clear, pink, blue, and yellow, and while it’s not ideal for an upscale presentation, it is great for neighborhood parties, barbecues, picnics, or any casual get-together.

7. Fiesta Turquoise Egg Tray

Fiesta Turquoise Egg Tray

It will add a serious sense of fun to any occasion if you add this deep turquoise tray to your deviled eggs.

It comes with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty and is dishwasher- and microwave-safe. It is made in the U.S. and comes with a chip-resistant glaze.

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8. Uncommon Goods Floral Deviled Egg Plate

A hand-painted clay serving platter that looks beautiful on any buffet table is the perfect choice for deviled egg plates made with the same care as your eggs. In addition to serving cookies, oysters, or other treats that deserve a special perch, the handmade platter is finished in a majolica glaze.

9. Wilton Armetale Flutes and Pearls Tray

Wilton Armetale Flutes and Pearls Tray

The aluminum-based alloy metal tray is a beautiful, 100%-recycled, food-safe option for serving deviled eggs. It looks like sterling silver and has a beaded, scalloped, and fluted edge… but costs like porcelain. The middle bowl can be used for dips or other treats.

It would look good at formal tea parties, bridal showers, and proper lunches. One reviewer says it is “a great product,” while another says it “looks so nice!”

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10. Mosser Glass Gray Swirl Deviled Egg Tray

Mosser Glass Gray Swirl Deviled Egg Tray

The gray swirl glass tray features a lovely fleur de lis that pops up out of the middle, doubling as a handle, and will instantly elevate the humble egg to gourmet status.

It is made of flint glass, so it needs to be handled carefully. One reviewer says they have been looking for a ‘different’ deviled egg tray for a while.

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