10 Best Domestic Thrillers Books of 2022

Thrillers are some of the most exciting novels you can read, made enticing with suspenseful plot twists and unique characters that leave readers reeling. You can’t resist a great thriller. Readers remember how much fun reading can be when they read the best ones.

We compiled this list by consulting Goodreads reviewers. Goodreads is an online book review platform with over 125 million book lovers who rate, review, and share their favorite books. Listed below are Goodreads reviewers’ favorite thrillers from 2022, including stunning debuts and gripping psychological mysteries.

10 Best Domestic Thrillers Book Reviews:

1. “Apples Never Fall” by Liane Moriarty

Apples Never Fall

As their mother disappears, leaving their father as the only suspect in this bestselling thriller, the four adult siblings of the notable Delaney family square off. Torn between protecting him and turning against him, the siblings begin to re-examine their shared family history.

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2. “Razorblade Tears” by S.A. Cosby

Razorblade Tears: A Novel

It is in the wake of Derek and Isiah’s murder that their fathers, Ike and Buddy Lee, come together over the shared pasts and their deep desires for vengeance. A fast-paced journey for redemption and retribution embarks upon the fathers, who are all ex-cons struggling with their own deeply held prejudices.

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3. “The Push” by Ashley Audrain

The Push: A Novel

As countless others, I read this book in a single sitting (or single day). Blythe Connor is a new mom who is determined to be the loving mother she has never known. When her connection with her daughter isn’t what she hoped it would be, Blythe finds an inseparable bond with her second child — until a terrible incident leaves Blythe convinced that something is really wrong with her firstborn.

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4. “Every Last Secret” by A.R. Torre

Every Last Secret

A new neighborhood has just been built by Neena Ryder and her lackluster husband, and Cat and William Winthorpe seem like they would make perfect neighbors. In this domestic thriller, Neena is desperate to move up in the world, and she develops an infatuation with Cat’s incredible husband, which quickly turns into an obsession.

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5. “All Her Little Secrets” by Wanda M. Morris

All Her Little Secrets: A Novel

When Ellice goes to meet Michael one morning, she finds him dead with a gunshot wound to his head after an “all for fun” relationship with him. She walks away from the murder scene to avoid the spotlight, but finds she is unable to escape her past, her secrets, or the strange conspiracies swirling around her long enough.

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6. “Not a Happy Family” by Shari Lapena

Not a Happy Family: A Novel

The wealthy Fred and Sheila Merton gather with their three adult children for Sunday dinner, unaware it will be their last. When the couple are found brutally murdered, the children appear devastated. With their inheritance on the line and countless hidden secrets, this gripping thriller proves almost impossible to put down.

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7. “We Begin at the End” by Chris Whitaker

We Begin at the End

“We Begin at the End” is a character-driven thriller about police chief Walk and 13-year-old Duchess, two people with nothing in common but inexplicably linked due to a murder decades earlier. After Vincent King’s release from prison, his old friend and convicted murderer are brought together over their drive for self-preservation.

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8. “The Wife Upstairs” by Rachel Hawkins

Wife Upstairs

The modern-day retelling of “Jane Eyre” is about a dog-walker who has just moved into her gated community and meets Eddie Rochester, a recent widow. When Jane falls in love with Eddie, she believes that Eddie can provide the life she’s always desired. However, Jane’s past and legends about Eddie’s previous wife start haunting her new life.

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9. “Harlem Shuffle” by Colson Whitehead

Harlem Shuffle: A Novel

It is Ray Carney’s cousin who occasionally assists him with shady business dealings in 1960s Harlem, keeping his family’s financial concerns at bay. Ray finds himself torn between his salesman persona and growing identity as a crook when Ray’s cousin becomes involved in an elaborate and dangerous heist.

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10. “A Slow Fire Burning” by Paula Hawkins

A Slow Fire Burning: A Novel

When a man is found murdered, the police begin to question three women from his life — a one-night stand, a grieving aunt, and a nosy neighbor — who all hold resentments towards him. The complex thriller begins slowly, but it takes off with plenty of satisfying twists and turns as its characters are unreliable and unlikable.

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