Our Best Door Jamb Security Kits of 2022

Each 15 seconds, a home burglary occurs in the United States. According to the FBI, 95% of these burglaries involve forced entry.

Homeowners could prevent 95% of burglaries by strengthening vulnerable entry points.

A door reinforcement kit is a simple but necessary step to make sure your family and belongings are safe, regardless of where you live or what other security measures you have in place. But can it stop break-ins from happening? 

We can help you with that.

You can find a product that will work for your needs by reviewing the top eight best door reinforcement kits and door jamb security measures. In addition to our handy buying guide, we’ve included information about how each component of a door reinforcement kit works, so you’ll be able to make the right decision when it comes to shopping.

Comparison Table

The Best Door Jamb Security Kits

1. Armor Concepts MAX Plus Combo Set

When it comes to door reinforcement kits, Armor Concepts’ Combo Set is the gold standard.

You will need only a drill and about 30 minutes to install each piece of ultra-strong galvanized steel.

There are six pieces in the kit. The jamb shield has punch-out holes that can be used to fit locks spaced between 4.5 inches and 21.5 inches apart, and the two mini door shields fit over existing locking hardware to prevent the door from splintering. Two hinge shields can be easily installed over existing door hinges to prevent them from pulling out of the jamb.

This kit also includes a pry shield on the exterior of the door jamb to prevent burglars from forcing the door open with a pry bar. It has tamper-proof screws to prevent would-be intruders from removing them.

You will receive everything you need to secure your door against forced entry, and you will get an extra $500 check if anyone manages to kick in the door after proper installation with the Armor Concepts lifetime money-back guarantee.

You can choose from white, aged bronze, or satin nickel for this kit.

2. Armor Concepts PRO MINI PLUS Combo Set

A PRO MINI PLUS combo set is an excellent choice for doors that do not have enough space in the jamb to accommodate the original kit.

It still uses long screws to install each piece, just like the original kit, which is made from galvanized pieces that won’t bend or break.

This kit differs in the way the door shields are attached, which means no extra space is required between the door and jamb since the 2-piece shields connect through the door.

The hinge protectors are not included since they require some extra space between the door and the jamb. However, the jamb protector, pry bar, and door shields are still included.

As it isn’t a comprehensive kit, this model doesn’t have a lifetime guarantee, but it’s still the best low clearance door fitting and protecting option available.

As well as white, aged bronze, and satin nickel, this kit is also available in stainless steel.

3. STRIKEMASTER II PRO Door, Frame And Hinge Reinforcement

The Strikemaster II Pro reinforcement kit can withstand extreme force, yet it looks and installs a little more subtle.

Two jamb guards are included in this kit, allowing for added strength and stability. The lower guard features a secure strike plate for smooth closure, while the upper guard has an adjustable tab to ensure both pieces fit correctly.

You will also receive extra-long, case-hardened screws for reinforcing hinge plates, inner and outer door shields to protect the deadbolt area, and white powder-coated steel jamb guards that can be painted to match your existing jamb guards. 

4. Armor Concepts Jamb Shield

One of our favorite a la carte products from Armor Concepts is the Jamb Shield. 

It consists of galvanized steel and precut punchouts for all lock systems with 4.5-21.5-inch spacing between the locks. It is simple to install and comes with three 12.5-inch screws.

It is perfect for repairing jambs that have already been damaged. Its long screws ensure that the door will hold up well even if forced entry is attempted a second time.

You can choose from white, aged bronze, or satin nickel for this product.

5. Prime-Line U 11026 Jamb Repair And Reinforcement Kit

A Prime-Line U 11026 jamb repair kit is perfect for repairing weakened spots in old or previously damaged doors.

There are three sections of doubled jamb shields in this kit that overlap. This feature is not as strong as it should be. However, it makes installation easier and is excellent for doors that require extra reinforcement in a particular area.

A kit also comes with two door shields designed to prevent the splintering of doors. 

The kit comes with all metal pieces and a white paintable finish. Although not as sturdy as other kits here, it is a budget-friendly option.

6. Defender Security U 10893 Mega-Jamb Reinforcing Kit

A fairly straightforward product within the realm of door reinforcement is Defender Security’s U 10893 Mega-Jamb kit.

There are only two pieces in this kit. 

This product is made of thick, steel and has a unique L-shape jamb shield. In order to install it, you’ll need to cover the door trim around it. Although this takes a little more time and effort, it’s worth it. Its L-shape adds strength and provides a bracing point in case of forced entry attempts.

A U-shaped door reinforcement piece will be installed around the deadbolt. Unlike other door shields, this one extends across both sides of the lock to add additional splinter resistance.

This kit is good because it comes with a lot of features that make it stronger than it was before. There are no screws included with the product, so it is up to the customer to find sturdy screws long enough to reach the wall stud. However, it falls short in the hardware department.

The model is available in a white finish that can be painted.

7. Defender Security Satin Nickel U 10827 Door Reinforcement Lock

You can’t prevent someone from getting through your door even if you have a deadbolt or if your hardware is compromised. If this is the case, a specialized reinforced lock, such as the Defender Security U 10827 Door Reinforcement Lock, maybe the best option.

It requires only four screws and a pencil to install, and it’s even easier to operate.

This product withstands up to 800-pounds of pressure once it is placed against a door jamb with the provided 3-inch screws. Once the door is closed, all you have to do is flip the lock piece into place against the door and it will engage.

Although this lock is easy to install, it cannot be used with full-length steel jamb shields, and it cannot be set from the inside, so you will not be able to use it when you are away from home.

However, this reinforced lock is easy to install and use, as well as budget-friendly.

8. For Double Doors – Armor Concepts Double Door Kit

It is impossible for the above door reinforcement kits to work on double door entries. This unique setup requires a specialized door kit. The Armor Concepts Double Door reinforcement kit is the perfect option.

Several parts are included in this kit to secure the many weak points of a double door entry. Each door shield strengthens the area around the knob, receptacle, and two lower hinges on each door. The jamb shield covers the horizontal jamb above each door and protects the area around the lock bolt.

Also included are two night locks. Installed on the floor, these shields include a removable slide-out piece to brace the door and prevent it from opening. 

All Armor Concepts products come with hardware and a lifetime guarantee against forced intrusions.

You can choose from white, aged bronze, or satin nickel hardware. Night locks can be ordered separately since they are more visible.

How To Make A Door More Secure Against Forced Entry

Here are all the parts of a fully reinforced door and how they work to keep you safe. Many of the kits above contain various parts.

Jamb Shield

The door jamb reinforcement shields help reinforce the jamb’s area where the knob and lock bolts go when you close and lock the door. The jamb is the weakest point of any locked door, so you should protect it.

The jamb shield provides multiple anchoring points to ensure durability against extreme forces. They can be used to repair damaged jambs or secure new doors.

There are different pre-punched holes in jamb shields to accommodate locks at varying distances. For double doors, special horizontal shields are required.

Strike Plate Shields

As with jamb shields, strike plate shields only protect the area immediately around where the lock receptacles are located. They are sturdier than traditional strike plates but not as effective in preventing forced entry as jamb shields.

Their shorter length makes them easier to install than long jamb shields because they require less hardware.

You can find strike plate shields that work on both standard and specialized doors. You can get striker plate shields that have different hole lengths or don’t require a striker plate to secure double doors.

Hinge Shields

A hinge shield is a long, flat piece of steel that fits over your hinges. It is anchored in the door jamb through the hinge holes, as well as each end.

The shields prevent the hinges from pulling out if an intruder tries to kick in the opposite side of the door. When used with jamb shields, they can also prevent the entire door from collapsing.

The lower two hinges are the only ones that need reinforcement since intruders typically kick the lower half of a door when they sneeze. Most kits only include two hinge shields (or four for double door kits). 

Door Shields

There is a shield around the door hardware itself that reinforces the area around the hardware. 

If the jamb is reinforced, the door’s weakest point becomes the area around the knob and deadbolt. If enough force is used, the hardware can separate from the door, or the door can splinter around these points.

There is a hole in the shield that allows the bolt to pass through, and it is typically U-shaped and snuggly between the hardware and the door’s jamb-facing side. Low-clearance versions consist of two parts that are anchored together by screws that go straight through the door.


A quality door reinforcement kit is not complete without long, strong screws to secure the shields and keep them in place. Without long, strong screws, even the most robust shields will pull out of the wall when enough force is applied.

It is recommended that screws be at least three inches long and tamper-resistant if they are going into wall studs.

Pry Shields

Pry shields help prevent forced entry by increasing the resistance against coming into contact with the door. While most door reinforcement pieces are designed to prevent access via inward force, such as from a punch or a shoulder blow, pry shields are designed to prevent entry by pry force.

A shield is installed outside the door where the bolts of the lock fit into the jamb to prevent prying of the locks open by crowbars, credit cards, and any other tools.

The screws on pry shields are often exposed, so look for brands that have tamper-proof screws.

Door Reinforcement Locks

As opposed to traditional locks that work inside the door, reinforcement locks are specialized locking devices that fit inside the door to prevent it from being forced open. Instead of working as inside locks, they function as exterior braces. When the door is closed, they fold over or connect to the jamb, preventing it from opening inward when it is closed.

It takes only a few minutes to set up these kits because they only need a few parts and little hardware, but since they have to be installed from inside your home, they will not prevent entry unless you leave the house through a different door.

Almost all single-door entries can be secured with reinforcement locks, such as this one from Defender Security.

Night Locks

Two pieces typically make up a night lock. It is designed to be used at home while you are asleep.

This is made up of two pieces. The first is attached to the floor inside the door. The second is connected to the first and places pressure on the bottom of the door, keeping it from opening inward. This piece may be removable or retractable to enable the door to open.

It is necessary to install these locks on double entry doors, but they also work on single doors. The following 13 shed security tips will help you make sure your shed is burglar-proof.

Door Jamb Security Kit Buying Guide

To choose the right entry door reinforcement kit for your needs, you need to understand how each component of the kit works. But you also need to consider other features beyond the parts included.


If the tools cannot prevent forced entry, what was the point of purchasing the kit?

Door security kits that offer high levels of protection should be made of multi-ply steel or, better yet, galvanized steel. The shields should not easily bend or snap, and the screws should be long enough to reach through the wall studs.

When it comes to screw kits, you can always buy your own screws. However, if the screws are flimsy or short, this is a good indication that the overall quality of the kit isn’t great.

The company’s specifications and the product’s testing and certifications are also good indicators of its effectiveness. On the product page, you will find a list of these specifications and certifications. Quality products are tested for strength to determine how much force they can withstand.

It is also possible to take precautionary measures, such as hiding valuables somewhere secret. 


A product’s color has little to do with its effectiveness, but it is important for aesthetic reasons. 

The majority of kits are available in multiple colors to match traditional jamb colors and door hardware. However, there are some kits that are paintable. 

It is wise to avoid raw steel finishes that are difficult to paint and that stand out against traditional jamb finishes.


A manufacturer’s warranty and a money-back guarantee are usually included in door reinforcement kits.

As a result of a “kick-in” guarantee, the best products on the market will automatically replace your kit if it is damaged after your door has been successfully opened. Depending on how successfully your door is kicked open, some companies, such as Armor Concepts, offer a monetary payout as well as a money back guarantee.

Manufacturer defects should at least be covered by the warranty.

Final Word

A wide variety of door security products exist on the market, but the Armor Concepts Combo Set stands out as the best in its class.

To assure no one can penetrate your door or jamb, this door reinforcement kit addresses all the weak points in the door and jamb. For added security, it comes with a pry-protector. The pieces are made from ultra-strong galvanized steel and can be easily installed with the self-tapping screws included.

It offers similar security levels as the Combo Set, but with special considerations for narrow doors.

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