Our Recommended 4 Best Dorm String Lights in 2022

Our goal today is to convince you otherwise if you think string lights aren’t necessary for your college dorm room. String lights or rope lights are often used in backyards, to enhance the experience while spending time outside. They’re also commonly used for holiday lighting. However, they can also be used inside the house.

It ensures great lighting in the room. The explanation is clear: string lights consist of many lights strung along a long string. They can have dozens of lights on a string no longer than 20 feet in length.

This way, you’ll have plenty of light while studying, making meals, cleaning up, or doing anything else in your college dorm room.

The best thing about string lights for college students is the fact that you can use them as awesome party accessories. By combining different colored bulbs, you can create an amazing atmosphere.

4 Best Dorm String Light Reviews

It’s likely that you’re not an expert when it comes to straight lights. There aren’t a lot of college students interested in this topic. However, many students would still like the best straight lights to buy. The solution to this problem is in this article if you’re one of those guys!

Based on our extensive research, we chose four products that are deserving of the title of best dorm string lights. You won’t regret your purchase if you choose one of these four products, but which one should you choose? Find out what you need to know by reading the four reviews below!

1. Globe String Lights with Clear Bulbs For College Dorm by Brightown

Globe String Lights with Clear Bulbs For College Dorm

Our first review is of the Brightown string lights, which have 25 lights and a 25-foot-long string. The lights come with G40 clear bulbs.

Additionally, there are two other options: a 100-bulb string and a 50-bulb string.

The string lights consist of two bulbs which are 12 inches apart. Due to this fact, they can be arranged in a variety of ways.

This makes string lights ideal for use in your dorm room, among other places.

A great thing about this product is that it’s pretty quality-made, so it’s likely to be very durable. In fact, the manufacturer offers a 1-year warranty to back up this claim.


  • Great level of lighting
  • Easy to arrange the bulbs
  • Built to last


  • None

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2. LED Window Curtain String Light For Dorm Room by Twinkle Star

LED Window Curtain String Light For Dorm Room by Twinkle Star

Our first pick will provide you with enough light for studying and doing other things in your college dorm room.

In our next review, we’ll be reviewing a party product. It comes with tiny bulbs, but there are many of them.

This product actually contains 300 LED bulbs on 10 strings, which are attached to a long piece, which can easily be mounted on the wall. Because of this, it is often used as a window curtain string light.

The product is waterproof, so you can use it outdoors as well.

The Twinkle Starr light has 8 modes, like gradually fading or twinkling, which makes it an excellent choice for parties.


  • Easy to mount
  • 300 bulbs
  • Different programs
  • Cheap


  • Not too bright

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3. 50 String Lights With Photo Clips/Holders For Dorm

50 String Lights With Photo Clips/Holders For Dorm

You can add your own personal charm to your dorm room with this really interesting product.

You can hang 50 personal photographs on the wall, each with a small light shining on it.

The lighting performance of this string light is provided by small led lights, which are intended to create a pleasant (or even romantic) environment.

However, they are not powerful enough to light up the entire place without additional lights.

This product also uses batteries. For these string lights to work, you will need 3 AA batteries. The batteries are not included in the package, which shouldn’t surprise you given how cheap it is.


  • Creative design
  • Let’s you add a personal touch to your dorm room
  • Runs on batteries
  • Cheap price


  • Not too bright

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4. Fairy String USB Plug-in Lights by YIHONG

Lights are tiny, but there are a lot on the 33-foot string. This makes the illumination quite good.

The long string of this product allows you to arrange the bulbs however you like thanks to its versatility.

Considering how advanced this product is, it’s also really cheap. For instance, a remote control lets you select from different visualization models as well as set a timer.

Using the remote, you can also choose between 13 different bulb colors. You can also connect the fairy string to your computer or television using the USB connection.


  • Long string, packed with tiny bulbs
  • Plenty of advanced options
  • USB connection
  • Affordable price


  • None


Those are our picks for the best string lights for your dorm on the market today. These products are built well and are durable, as well as pretty awesome when it comes to illumination and setting up a nice atmosphere in the room. They’re also pretty affordable, so everyone can afford one.

In addition to illuminating your college dorm room, these four products can be used for other purposes as well. Some of them can even be used outside due to their weather resistance.

We cannot pick one product that’s the best. Each of these string lights is excellent in its own right. It’s up to you to decide which product would look best in your college dorm room.

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