10 Best Dress Shoes for Supination 2022

Are you looking for the perfect pair of dress shoes? Supination refers to the way your foot rolls inward or outward during walking. If you want to look good in these high heels, then you should consider buying them from a reputable store.

Supination is a condition where the bones at the base of the toes roll inward toward each other. This causes pain and discomfort in the feet. The problem usually affects women who wear high heels frequently.

To prevent this condition, you should choose a shoe that has a wide toe box and a flexible sole. These features allow the foot to move naturally without causing pressure points.

Best Dress Shoes for Supination

1. LLSOARSS Plantar Fasciitis Feet Sandal with Arch Support

LLSOARSS Plantar Fasciitis Feet Sandal with Arch Support

This sandal has arch support and a flexible sole to provide stability when walking or standing. The shoe is made of leather and synthetic materials. This product is perfect for people who have plantar fasciitis. It can be worn all day long because it does not cause any blisters.

The shoe also comes with an adjustable strap so you can easily put it on and take it off. You can adjust the length of the straps according to your needs.

Product Features:

  • Flexible sole provides stability.
  • Leather upper.
  • Synthetic lining.
  • Rubber outsole.
  • Anti-slip rubber bottom.
  • Soft foam cushioning underfoot.
  • Durable construction.

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2. Anne Klein Sport Women’s Wisher Fabric Wedge Pump

Anne Klein Sport Women's Wisher Fabric Wedge Pump

If you are looking for a comfortable shoe that will keep your feet warm while wearing dresses, then this shoe is ideal for you. It has a wedge shape and a fabric upper. The shoe is designed to fit comfortably around your ankle.

It has a soft foam padding inside the shoe to protect your heel. The material used to make the shoe is durable and breathable.

Product Features:

  • Fabric upper.
  • Cushioned insole.
  • Adjustable buckle closure.
  • Non-marking rubber outsole.
  • Soft foam padding underfoot.
  • Dry fast finish. 

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3. Urwalk 3 Layers Adjustable Supination

Urwalk 3 Layers Adjustable Supination

This bootie is designed to help relieve supination. It has a flexible sole and a padded collar. The shoe is made from leather and synthetic materials. It is available in different colors.

You can adjust the size of the shoe by loosening the laces. It is easy to slip into and remove.

Product Features:

  • Leather upper.
  • Padded collar.
  • Padded tongue.
  • Lace up design.
  • Non-marker rubber outsole.
  • Breathable mesh lining.

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4. FitFeet High Arch Support Insoles

FitFeet High Arch Support Insoles

FitFeet high arch support insoles are made specifically for women who have flat feet or supinate when walking. They provide superior arch support while still allowing your foot to naturally roll inward and outward as it should. The unique design allows for maximum flexibility and motion control.

Product Features:

  • Designed for women with flat feet or supinated gait.
  • Provides superior arch support.
  • Allows natural movement of the foot.
  • Flexible and durable construction.
  • Available in 3 sizes.
  • Recommended for women ages 18+ years old.

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5. ASICS Men’s Gel-Cumulus 23 Running Shoes

ASICS Men's Gel-Cumulus 23 Running Shoes

ASICS’ Cumulus running shoes are built for performance and durability. They feature an ultra-lightweight mesh upper, which provides excellent ventilation and support while keeping your feet cool during long runs. The gel cushioning system absorbs shock and reduces impact forces over each step, providing superior energy return and reducing fatigue. A durable rubber outsole offers traction and stability on any surface.

Product Features:

  • Mesh upper.
  • Gel cushioning system.
  • Lightweight mesh upper.
  • Durable rubber outsole.
  • Waterproof/sweatproof.
  • Recommended for men ages 13+.

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6. Dr. Foot’s Supination Insoles & Overpronation Insoles

Dr. Foot's Supination Insoles & Overpronation Insoles

Dr. Foot’s Supination insoles are designed specifically to provide support and stability when walking or standing on your feet. They can be worn while wearing any shoe and will work best if you have flat feet.

The overpronation insoles are designed to reduce excessive pronation during gait cycle. These insoles are made from medical grade materials and are recommended for those who suffer from foot pain due to overpronation.

Product Features:

  • Designed to relieve foot discomfort caused by supination and overpronation.
  • Can be used with any type of footwear.
  • Recommended for people suffering from foot pain due to supination and overpronating.
  • Medical Grade Material.
  • Available in different sizes.

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7. Skechers Men’s Go Walk Evolution Ultra – Impeccable Walking Shoe

Skechers Men's Go Walk Evolution Ultra - Impeccable Walking Shoe

Skechers® Men’s Go Walk Evo™ Ultra – Impeccable Walking shoe is an excellent walking shoe for men who are looking for a stylish shoe that will last them through their busy day. The shoes have been built with a supportive EVA midsole and a durable rubber outsole that provides superior traction. These shoes are made with a lightweight mesh upper that allows your foot to breathe while keeping it warm and dry. This shoe has a slip resistant sole which makes it easy to walk without slipping or falling.

Product Features:

  • Slip Resistant Sole
  • Breathable Mesh Upper
  • Durable Rubber Outsole
  • Stylish Design
  • Easy To Clean
  • Available In Various Colors

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8. NEPPT Orthopedic Insoles Heel Inserts Lift Shoe

NEPPT Orthopedic Insoles Heel Inserts Lift Shoe

NEPPT Orthopedic Insole Heel Inserts are designed specifically for supination or pronation issues. They provide support and stability while allowing your foot to naturally roll inward and outward as it should. The unique design allows them to be used in any shoe without causing discomfort.

Product Features:

  • Designed for supination or pronating feet.
  • Provides stability and support.
  • Allows natural movement of the foot.
  • Can be used in any shoe.
  • Available in Black/Black, Black/White, White/Black, and White/Blue.

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9. OrthoComfoot Women’s Slip On Shoes

OrthoComfoot Women's Slip On Shoes

OrthoComfoot women’s slip on shoes are made of leather or synthetic materials. They have an open toe design with a flexible sole. The orthopedic footbed provides support and cushioning while the heel cup helps prevent slippage. These shoes are available in various colors and styles.

Product Features:

  • Leather or synthetic upper.
  • Open toe design.
  • Flexible sole.
  • Heel cup prevents slippage.
  • Available in different colors and styles.

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10. Clarks Women’s May Marigold Slip-On Loafer

Clarks Women's May Marigold Slip-On Loafer

Clarks Women’s May Marigolds are comfortable slip-on loafers that offer great style at a reasonable price. Made from soft leather uppers, these shoes feature a cushioned insole and a non-marking rubber outsole. Available in several colors, they are perfect for casual wear.

Product Features:

  • Soft leather uppers.
  • Cushioned insole.
  • Non-marking rubber out sole.
  • Available in various colors.

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Things to Consider Before Buying Dress Shoes for Supination

1. Your Foot Type

If you have flat feet, then you need to buy dress shoes that fit your foot properly. You can check this out by taking your bare foot into a store where you can try on the shoes. If you feel like the shoe fits well, then you can go ahead and purchase it. However, if you don’t feel right about the shoe, then you may want to look for another one.

2. Your Budget

If you’re on a tight budget, then you might not be able to afford buying expensive dress shoes. But if you do have some money to spend, then you can always choose something that suits your needs.

3. Your Style

When choosing a pair of dress shoes, you also need to consider what kind of style you prefer. Do you like wearing heels? Or would you rather stick to flats? Also, you need to think about whether you’d like to wear dress shoes with pants or skirts.

4. Your Comfort Level

When buying dress shoes, you need to take comfort level into consideration. Are you someone who likes to wear high heels all the time? Or maybe you just want to wear dress shoes when going out . Whatever your preference is, you’ll need to find a pair that will suit your needs.

5. Your Personality

You also need to think about your personality before purchasing dress shoes. For example, if you’re outgoing and social, then you probably won’t mind wearing dress shoes every day. But if you’re more reserved, then you might want to opt for something that looks less formal.

6. Your Work Environment

You should also consider your work environment when shopping for dress shoes. If you work in an office, then you’ll definitely need to wear dress shoes there. But if you work in a retail shop, then you can wear whatever type of shoes you want.

7. Your Favorite Colors

Another thing to keep in mind when looking for dress shoes is your favorite color . Maybe you love pink, blue or black. Or perhaps you prefer white. Whatever your choice is, you’ll want to find a pair that matches your outfit perfectly.

8. Your Feet Size

The last thing to remember when buying dress shoes is your feet size. This is important because you need to ensure that the shoes you get match your feet size. If you have small feet, then you’ll want to choose a pair that has a smaller heel height. On the other hand, if you have large feet, then you’ll need to choose a pair that comes with a higher heel height.

9. Your Weight

The final thing to consider when buying dress shoes is weight. If you weigh too much, then you’ll need a pair of dress shoes that come with a wider toe box. But if you weigh too little, then you’ll need shoes that are narrower.

10. Your Height

Lastly, you need to keep in mind your height while shopping for dress shoes. It’s best to avoid getting shoes that are too short or too long.


So, now that you know everything you need to know about buying dress shoes, you can easily pick the ones that meet your requirements. Just make sure that you follow these tips so that you end up with a pair of shoes that you’ll enjoy wearing.

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