Get The Best Duster for House 2022

When it comes to dusting your house, a number of factors need to be considered when choosing the right duster. There is no doubt that most of us will recall the old fashioned feather duster with its thick plume of feathers emerging from a stick when we think of dusting.

Types of Best Dusters

A feather duster is a traditional image of a maid dusting, but how effective are they? Feather dusters can remove dust if used briskly.

The mobile feathers can get into little nooks and crannies to whisk out dust and dirt. Feather dusters cannot pick up dust, so you have to vacuum, sweep, and mop after dusting. To be effective, feather dusters must be moved a lot, and that movement sends dust into the air, where you will breathe it in.

In addition, natural feather dusters tend to accumulate dirt and break down over time as well as cannot be easily cleaned.

With microfiber dusters, dirt and dust are caught as you clean, so you don’t have to push them around as you clean. There are a variety of shapes and sizes of microfiber dusters, so you can find dusters for every dusting task at home, in the car, or at work. You can machine wash the microfiber fabric after each use so it will always be fresh and clean, and it will last a long time.

The fabric picks up and holds onto dirt, so you can’t shake it out between cleanings, so you’ll need a lot of microfiber dusters or a wash between cleanings.  

The vacuum dusters attach to your standard vacuum or are used independently to suck dirt and dust into a chamber that can be emptied or disposed of.

Top 10 Best Dusters for House

1. M-jump Retractable Long-Reach Washable Dusting Brush

M-jump Retractable Long-Reach Washable Dusting Brush

It’s a great deal to get three dusters at such a low price. Microfiber dusters have to be washed in between use, so having three tools for less than $9 is very convenient. The microfiber fibers catch dust, dirt, and moisture for a sparkling clean with ease. They are anti-static and can be washed many times without breaking down. These dusters can be extended for long reach.


  • Very affordable.
  • Comes with three.
  • Extendable with a telescoping pole.


  • Must be hand washed.
  • Dirties quickly.

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2. OXO Good Grips Microfiber Extendable Duster

OXO Good Grips Microfiber Extendable Duster

The large head covers a large area with every sweep, so you can clean faster. It extends effortlessly with a twist, so you can reach wherever you need to. This duster can be rotated completely to use the clean side, extending its life between cleanings.


  • Microfiber is easily removed from the head for machine washing.
  • soft, non-slip grip.
  • It Rotates 270 degrees and locks in multiple angles.


  • Dirties quickly.
  • The metal part sometimes rubs against what you are cleaning.

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3. Microfiber Duster, Feather Duster, Spider Web Cleaner

Microfiber Duster, Feather Duster, Spider Web Cleaner

Microfiber duster with a flexible design with a modern look. This microfiber duster has a flexible head, so it can fit into any nook and cranny. The fine strands of this duster can absorb all kinds of particles and hair easily and can pack a lot of dirt before it has to be washed. You won’t pick up dirt while cleaning.


  • A telescoping duster can reach above windows or bookcases.
  • Absorbs a lot of dust and pet hair.


  • Must wash by hand.
  • Doesn’t pick up dirt as well as pet hair and dust.

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4. OXO Good Grips Microfiber Delicate Duster

OXO Good Grips Microfiber Delicate Duster

It might be the right duster for you if you like the finesse of feather dusters, but want the dust-grabbing capabilities of microfiber. It is designed like an old-fashioned feather duster, so that no hard pole or metal can come in contact with your delicate knick-knacks. The microfiber picks up dust so you won’t have to vacuum after cleaning.


  • Requires less agitation than a traditional feather duster.
  • Fine microfiber strands trap dirt.
  • Easy pop off the head for machine washing.


  • Catches on anything with sharp edges.
  • Less delicate than ostrich feathers.

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5. Swiffer Duster Starter Kit

Swiffer Duster Starter Kit

This extremely effective disposable duster kit might be just what you’re looking for if you want to get rid of dust forever so you and your family won’t suffer from allergies. As the duster’s specially coated fibers lock in dust, it won’t be kicked up while you clean. Because dust is tightly bound into the fibers, you won’t have to throw out the head until you get tired of it.


  • Comes with one handle and five dusters.
  • Picks up dust, dander, and hair better than the competition.
  • Great for delicate items.


  • Can get expensive to replace dusters if you dust often.
  • The dusting pad that attaches to the handle comes loose.

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6. O-Cedar Dual-Action Microfiber Duster Set with Telescopic Handle

O-Cedar Dual-Action Microfiber Duster Set with Telescopic Handle

With this duster’s adjustable handle, you can reach everything you need to clean between 24 and 49 inches. The fluffy duster is perfect for removing dust and dirt from delicate items, while the bendable chenille is perfect for scrubbing wet surfaces. Microfiber technology holds dirt, dust, and moisture easily.


  • Use dry or damp for versatile cleaning.
  • Extendable handle.
  • Comes with two cleaning heads.


  • Difficult to exchange heads.
  • Flat attachment doesn’t work as well.

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7. Pure Care Microfiber Duster with Extension Pole

Pure Care Microfiber Duster with Extension Pole

This duster has a lint-free microfiber head that can rotate, bend, and be locked at several angles so you can reach anywhere around your house. It covers large surfaces but can also fit into small spaces.


  • Head unsnaps for easy cleaning.
  • Removes all kinds of allergens.
  • Covers a large surface area for a shorter cleaning period.


  • The plastic tip of the head keeps fibers from reaching the smallest corners.
  • Should not be machine washed.

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8. Royal Ostrich Feather Duster

Royal Ostrich Feather Duster

Why fix what isn’t broken? If you’ve always loved your feather duster, you won’t be disappointed. The tiny filaments within each feather will trap dust particles. Natural ostrich feathers are hand placed into this duster. Despite not trapping as much dust as microfiber, this duster is very gentle and soft, making it ideal for dusting delicate surfaces.


  • Trusted, classic design.
  • Handmade with 100% genuine ostrich feathers.
  • Attractive color.


  • The handle feels very short.
  • Needs to be shaken out frequently.

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9. Norpro 24-Inch Pure Lambs Wool Duster with Wood Handle

Norpro 24-Inch Pure Lambs Wool Duster with Wood Handle

The lambswool duster gives you a natural feel while picking up dust better than a feather duster. In the same way that synthetic microfiber can attract and hold dust, lambswool naturally contains lanolin, which is very soft and will not damage even delicate surfaces.


  • Durable one-piece wooden handle with leather hanging loop.
  • Great for reaching narrow, hard-to-reach places.
  • Clean by spinning out dust, no washing.


  • Simply shaking out dust won’t get this duster completely clean and it will get dirty over time.
  • Duster is easily damaged by abrasive surfaces.

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10. Jet Clean Microfiber Hand Duster-Feather Dust Appliances

Jet Clean Microfiber Hand Duster-Feather Dust Appliances

A flexible extension pole allows you to reach 25 inches to 44 inches with this duster. Microfiber feathers on this duster sweep a large area for quick cleaning, but they can also bend and squeeze into tight corners and oddly shaped spaces. This duster is long enough to reach behind and around furniture as well.


  • Lightweight feathers are good for delicate items.
  • Strong enough to last a long time.
  • Quick, versatile cleaning.


  • The top of the pole hits against things, but is soft plastic so doesn’t scratch.
  • The handle doesn’t break down, so difficult to store.

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The Benefits Of Dusting Your Home

There are a few reasons why dusting your home is such an essential cleaning technique. Here are a few benefits of dusting:

1. Avoid Health Issues

Many health issues are caused by dust, including:

  • Coughing;
  • Allergies;
  • Asthma Attacks;
  • Eye Irritation;
  • Sneezing;
  • High Fever.

The dust can also irritate other respiratory disorders, like emphysema, when you are experiencing these issues.

2. Dust Is A Pollutant

You can stir up dust in your home as you walk through, and it can contain tiny organisms that can cause sinus and respiratory problems. Dust is composed of rock, sand, and dirt, as well as pollen, dander, and other substances.

3. It’s Harmful To Your Body

A small amount of dust will not harm you, but long-term exposure can cause damage to your body. In addition, dust can trigger respiratory illnesses like bronchitis and pneumonia. 

4. Dust Consists Of Toxins

A dusty home can be caused by animal feces, ash, and other dust particles floating in the air. 

5. Dusting Makes Your Home Cleaner

As dust accumulates, it becomes an eyesore. Therefore, regularly cleaning your home will make your home look neat and clean. Besides that, it will make it a safer place to live.

Dusting Hacks And Cleaning Tips

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you dust effectively:

1. Use Dryer Sheets

You can use dryer sheets to clean your baseboards to easily attract dust while you’re cleaning. It makes your life easier. 

2. Use A Pillow Case To Clean Your Ceiling Fan

Not only is ceiling fans notorious for collecting dust, but they also look ugly when dust builds up on their blades. Using a pillowcase instead of a duster is a great way to clean them. The pillow covering can then be gently wiped over the blade, ensuring that the dust does not fall on the floor. It’s a hassle-free, easy way to clean the blade. 

3. Don’t Make Your Bed In The Morning

In the morning, you might be tempted to make your bed right away. However, letting your sheets air out first keeps dust mites from gathering in your bedding. 

4. Apply Wax 

 The best way to keep your appliances dust-free for as long as possible is to put wax on them to help reduce dust particles.

What Is the Best Duster for You?

If you want versatile, quick dusting, the Jet Clean Microfiber Hand Duster-Feather Dust Appliances, Ceiling Fans, Blinds, Furniture, Shutters, Cars, Delicate Surfaces-Extension Pole Reach 25-44″ has you covered. The microfiber feathers of this duster are light enough to dust delicate knick knacks but sturdy enough to sweep behind furniture or appliances with ease.

The single-piece extension pole won’t wobble like competing for collapsing poles. This duster can bend and twist to get into the tightest places with ease, and cleaning is easy with simple hand washing. Use the duster with the extension pole to get the cobwebs in the corners or use the handheld handle to dust easy-to-reach surfaces.

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