7 Best Electric Tone Testers of 2022

It is a headache for everyone to locate and fix the cable that caused the breakdown of their telephone, computer, printer, etc. This is especially true when the wires are bundled without markings to help you determine which cables are broken.

Can you make this task easier for you?

Our electric tone testers will simplify your wire finding task from taking hours to just seconds.

You can use the probe to search in the panel where this cable is connected using the tone generator.

As soon as the probe kit reaches the cable location, it produces sound, indicating the location of the affected cable.

It has a long pointed tip on its head that allows you to dip it easily into the bundles of wire where your hands cannot reach, allowing you to repair the affected cable and restore your devices’ operation.

We have listed the best electric tone tester brands in this article so that you avoid being fooled by mischievous sellers.

We have referenced brands that can send tones over ten miles without degradation. Our probe kits in this article have interesting sounds and loudspeakers that can be heard in very noisy environments as well.

Check out these product reviews to see which brand is best for you. All the reviews are written directly by users who have used these brands.

Take a moment to consider the following three important factors before purchasing our kit –

  • Cadence: It describes how much distinct sound your probe produces. Also, it describes how many distinct signals your tone generator can produce at one time. This affects your toner’s ability to test multiple wires at once. With a higher cadence, you are able to test more wires at once.
  • Speaker: You can use this to determine the quality of your sound. The speaker should be loud enough to provide high-quality audio even in a noisy environment. You can also use earphone jacks on probes if you want to hear the sound through an earphone. In a heavy noise-filled environment, it is of great help.
  • Led Display: Due to a noisy environment, it is possible that you will miss the sound signal. To prevent you from facing this problem, probe kits come with a led display that displays all the results that you receive.

A battery life indicator tells you how long your kit’s battery will last and warns you when your kit may be overloaded.

In addition to these factors, you should also refer to our easy-to-understand “Buying Guide” to learn other factors that will affect the performance of your tone and probe kit.

We have shortlisted the following Top 7 Tone Generators and Probe Kits for you after spending a lot of time and doing all the hard work.

7 Best Electric Tone Tester Reviews

1. Fluke Networks Pro3000 Tone Generator and Probe Kit 

Fluke Networks Pro3000 Tone Generator and Probe Kit

First on our list is the Pro3000 Tone Generator and Probe Kit from Fluke Networks, which features Smart Tone technology to identify wire pairs by making five different sounds. With this technology, you can trace non-active wiring, so Fluke is more versatile than other brands.

This tone generator kit transmits its signal up to 10 miles away. It has a high-volume speaker, which makes the signal sound loud even in noisy environments.

Additionally, your toner comes with a lanyard that can be used to hang it, preventing you from having to hold it all the time.

If you take care of your kit properly, you will be happy to know that it lasts for years. This gives you confidence to buy this kit. You won’t find this feature in other brands. It has a noise filter that helps you identify wires easier.

By shorting the pairs of those cables, you can easily verify cables. To conserve the battery life of your kit, the probe shuts off automatically after 5 minutes of not being used.

We couldn’t find much cons to this brand except for the relatively high price, which is the only thing we didn’t like about it. Its price is justified by the features it offers. To sum things up, the Fluke Tone Generator is an excellent tool to have in your toolbox.

What we like 

  • Ten miles range for tone propagation
  • Durable lifetime.
  • Probe shuts off automatically to save your battery.
  • Feedback feature eases your task.
  • Lanyard makes your work hands free.

What we don’t like 

  • Higher price when compared to other brands.

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2. Klein Tools VDV500-820 Cable Tracer with Probe Tone Pro Kit

Klein Tools VDV500-820 Cable Tracer with Probe Tone Pro Kit

Klein Tools has been manufacturing hand tools here in America since 1857, supplying professional tradesmen worldwide with the finest hand tools.

It can also be used for testing twisted wires, de-energized AC wires, coaxial wires, and de-energized cable.

It comes with advanced features to give you more accurate results, along with a LED display on which you can read the results and hear the sound as well. This will prevent you from missing any sound signals in a noisy environment.

LED display also warns you if your kit is overloaded, keeping you safe from any kind of hazard.

It comes with two 9volt batteries that make your kit last up to 5000 hours, which makes it a heavy-duty product for electricians. Its auto-power off feature further saves your battery life by switching off automatically after several minutes of inactivity from your side.

It also comes with 5-distinct sounds so you can detect 5 different wires in a bundle simultaneously using its low battery indicator.

Further, its two-year warranty gives you assurance that you can easily replace any damaged or broken part of the kit.

As its high battery life eliminates the worry about replacing the battery frequently, this is the best buy for electricians who travel to their work sites often.

What we liked 

  • 5000hrs of battery life.
  • Comes with a padded zipper bag.
  • Auto power-off feature saves battery.
  • Produces 5distinct sounds.
  • Led display for battery life and other readings.
  • Two years of warranty.

What we didn’t like 

  • Batteries are difficult to access.

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3. Riiai Tone Generator and Probe Kit

Riiai Tone Generator and Probe Kit

The next product on our list is Riiai’s tone generator kit, which features a nominal gain of 30 dB and an input impedance of 100 ohm. It also has an adjustable, continuous generator which simplifies the testing process.

With this probe kit, you can test for short circuits, track lines, and determine whether there is a clear/busy/ringing signal.

Non-terminal wires can be measured directly, by telephone, and by direct line using a clamp mode.

A built-in speaker tube, built-in speaker, and insulation probe are included in the probe kit to prevent short circuits.

This tone generator and probe kit is designed to be durable and resistant to wear and corrosion. It operates between 320F and 1220F and has a battery life of 50 hours.

There is a metal tip of the probe with a resistance of 0 ohm and a plastic tip with a resistance of 300 ohm. Batteries are not included with the kit and must be purchased separately.

The probe is lightweight with just 300g and comes in a compact size that makes it easy to handle. As well as the probe, there is a replacement head included that you can use if the original one wears out. The package also includes a cable tester, a storage bag, and a user guide.

What we liked

  • Produces accurate results
  • Measures a wide range of categories
  • Replacement head
  • Prevents short circuit
  • Durable construction with wear and corrosion resistant
  • Battery life of 50 hours

What we didn’t like

  • Loud screeching sounds even at low volumes

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4. Extech 40180 Tone Generator and Amplifier

Extech 40180 Tone Generator and Amplifier

With this Extech Tone Generator and Amplifier Probe set, you can identify and trace wires and cables. It can also be used to test the operation of phone lines.

Its inductive probe notifies the user with an audible alert about the wire or cable. With its built-in speaker and headphone jack, it is helpful in noise-filled environments.

It comes with two types of LED that are wobble and continuous. The continuity LED can light up to 10,000 ohms. When the resistance increases, the brightness of the LED will automatically decrease.

This CE-approved device features a tone output of 1kHz and 6V square wave, an alligator clip, ringing line testing, and tip/ring identification features.

What We Liked:

  • Versatile device
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • Easy to read LED identification
  • 2 tone types
  • Easy listening
  • CE approved
  • Alligator clips
  • 1-year warranty

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Possible chance of interference

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5. PTE Wire Tracer & Circuit Tester Tone Generator Probe Kit 

PTE Wire Tracer & Circuit Tester Tone Generator Probe Kit

All PTE’s products are easy to use and give reliable performance without draining your wallet too much.

We’ve got another low-priced Tone Generator and Probe Kit in our list, PTE brand. It is easy to use and you can use it for continuity testing in your circuit or wire tracing in your panel with bundled wires.

It has a button that can easily be clicked to switch between continuity mode and tone mode with its LED light indicator.

The probe kit includes a sensitivity control that helps you to avoid false detections when used in Tone (or wire tracing) mode.

This continuity tester is able to check for short and open circuits using its continuity mode, as well as use its RJ11 port for telephones and other networking devices.

Two 9V batteries are required to operate the kit, but you must purchase them separately. Your probe has a loud beep that can be adjusted using the rotating volume control button on your probe.

Besides being awarded Best Value Wire Tracer by CarBibles, PTE also gives you a year warranty so that you know your kit is durable and works well in any situation.

What we like 

  • Low price and good performance.
  • Led indicator to differentiate between tone mode and continuity mode.
  • Volume control button.
  • One-year warranty.
  • Sensitivity control avoids false detection.

What we didn’t like 

  • Battery is not included in the purchase.
  • Led flash not on the probe to work in low light.
  • Earphone jack is not there for noisy environment.

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6. Tempo Communications 701K-G Tone and Probe Kit 

Tempo Communications 701K-G Tone and Probe Kit

Since its founding 150 years ago, TEMPO (formerly GREENLY) has been delivering high-quality, innovative solutions to customers across America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. They are ISO-9001 certified on all of their products. As a result, technicians like you are able to accomplish their goals faster and more efficiently.

It can be used for twisted-pair wiring, single conductors, coaxial cables, and de-energized AC wiring, and displays both leds and beeps when the cable is tested.

It also comes with a powerful tone probe amplifier, the 200EP-G, that allows you to use it in extremely noisy environments.

This probe comes with a headset audio jack so that you can listen to the beeps clearly. Your probe works by pressing a single button to turn it on and off. Identifying wire pairs and cables does not require any metallic contact.

You can also check voltage on wire pairs with this tone and probe kit, which is extremely useful for low voltage applications like telephone, data, and security alarm wiring.

A few words about performance, TEMPO’s new Tone and Probe kits are faster, safer, and easier than ever. For safe custody of your tone and probe kit, you also get a tough woven nylon carrying case.

As a result, this Tone and Probe Kit is a one-stop shop for precision and accuracy. You will also appreciate its 1-year warranty, which guarantees the quality of the product.

What we liked 

  • Powerful speaker for noisy areas.
  • Adjustable Volume control button.
  • Frequency range from 890-960HZ.
  • Can easily check low voltage lines like Telephone.
  • Nylon carrying case for safekeeping of kit.
  • Accurate and precise.
  • The probe comes with a replaceable tip.

What we didn’t like 

  • You may find the probe catching interference sometimes.
  • A bit on expensive side.

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7. Jonard Tools TETP-900 Multi-Function Cable Tester Toner and Probe Kit

Jonard Tools TETP-900 Multi-Function Cable Tester Toner and Probe Kit

Jonard Tools is a company founded in 1958 that produces new innovations every month because of their expertise. Its products are designed in an ethical way that guarantees lifetime durability.

Toner & Probe Kit TETP-900N from TETP offers you a multipurpose tester and toner designed to check the continuity of RJ45, BNC, and F coaxial cables, as well as 6P2C/4P2C jacks.

There are two music tones on the probe so you can choose your favorite music while testing, and an LED indicator shows signal strength; if it’s high, the light will be bright, if it’s low, the light will be dim.

The device also comes with a headphone jack, so you can listen to the signal while in a noisy environment. Jonard provides you with 9 volt batteries for running your tone and probe kit. With its volume control button, you can easily adjust the volume level.

You will buy the following accessories:

A BNC to F connector adapter, a 50 Ohm BNC terminator, a BNC cable jumper, an F connector jumper, an RJ45 cable jumper, and a belt clip increase the versatility of your kit and enable you to use it for multiple purposes at the same time.

This is one of the most expensive, but most durable toner and probe kits in our review. If you are a voice data video (VDV) professional, you will find it an excellent buy.

What we liked 

  • Multipurpose Tone and Probe kit.
  • Comes with the led indicator to test the strength of signal.
  • Headphone jack to get clear sound in high noise environment.
  • Provides two musical tones to choose from.
  • Battery is included.
  • Most durable brand in this list.

What we didn’t like 

  • Expensive cost.

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How To Choose Your Electric Tone Tester?

It is important to know what to buy and what not to buy. In this article we have helped you become more confident when choosing which brands you should buy.

Our buying guide will help you sort out which features you need in your purchase and what you don’t. Go through it and select your best electric tone tester.

1. Cadence 

A toner produces a tone they call cadence. Toners come in various tones. Some toners have only a single tone while others have multiple tones at varying levels.

Cadence is limited to five for a toner, so if you’d like some interesting time while testing your kit, go for a higher cadence, otherwise low or high cadence does not matter much.

2. Speaker 

Any tone and probe kit would not be complete without speakers. Mounted on probes, speakers help identify the wire you are searching by producing loud beeping sounds.

You should choose a speaker that produces enough volume to be heard in a noisy environment. Also, pay attention to the speaker’s adjustable volume control.

You might consider a probe kit with an earphone jack if you work in a too noisy environment. It will give you clear and crisp sound directly into your ears and you won’t miss any signal.

3. LED display 

Our recommendation is to buy a brand that has LED display on its tone and probe kits. LED displays give you your results in visual formats and if you miss the audio signal, you won’t miss the digital signal.

The probe kit may also notify you if your battery is low, if the probe is overloading, as well as the results of the tests. Thus, the probe is protected from damage as well.

The speaker will not provide an accurate location of your wire since it depends on the loudness produced. On the other hand, led displays the signal strength directly, so you will be able to see where the wire is in the bundle.

4. Cablemap ability 

The Cablemap feature is associated with your toner. It detects wrongly placed wires and twisted wires in a chaotic manner. This will prevent your panel from making wiring mistakes, preventing a short circuit.

Always purchase a toner with this feature in order to avoid extra costs and space consumption in your toolkit from having to use a wire map.

5. Signal Transmission length 

Choose your toner based on your work location. Your toner will tell you how much distance it can transmit the toned signal. For example, if you’re an electrician who works on long-distance cables, buy a toner that transmits a long signal. Identify where you will be using your toner and then purchase the one that fits your needs.

6. Battery Durability 

Battery-powered tone and probe kits might or might not be included with your purchase. Be sure to check before purchasing whether batteries will be included.

However, it is important to check how long the battery of your toner kit will last before it drains. If the battery drains quickly, then it is not efficient.

You don’t have to worry about battery drain with the brands we’ve mentioned here.

7. Accessories 

There are various accessories included in your kit, such as connectors, adapters, earphones, batteries, etc.

Depending on the brand, you may receive a variety of accessories with your purchase. As the number of accessories increases, the cost of your purchase will increase.

8. Warranty

It is inevitable that electronic devices will malfunction at some point. The warranty that your brand provides you on your purchase prevents you from falling victim to this.

You should always choose a brand whose products come with a significant warranty period.

9. Price 

In our list of important factors to consider, the most important is price. Our tendency is to purchase products at a lower price.

To get quality, you must not refrain from spending money on your purchase. However, it should not be out-of-reach for you. Cheap electronics cannot last long and will give you troubled performance.

All of the brands we have mentioned here are quite cost-effective according to their features. They all are able to save you money while giving you the performance you expect.


All the brands we have mentioned here are well in your budget range and offer you the performance you need. We have answered all your questions related to Tone generator and probe kit in this article.

Fluke Networks Pro3000 Tone Generator and Probe Kit is our top pick for you.

Its 10miles of signal transmission range is unmatched by any other brand on our list. In addition to its durability, it cooperates well in any environment thanks to its auto switch-off feature. It is also a high-quality product and is durable.

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