10 Best End Loaded BBCOR Bats: Reviews & Camparison

I believe BBCOR is one of the most commonly used terms for baseball bats. Are you preparing for the next high school and college league?

You probably want to tailor your performance to the BBCOR league with the best end loaded bbcor bats.

With hundreds of BBCOR bat options on the market in 2022, it may be difficult to decide which one is the best.

No worries, by the way.

It is understandable for a high school player to be confused in the case of choosing the best BBCOR bats. For this reason, I decided to make a list of the 20 best BBCOR bats.

With this guide on the best BBCOR bats, you will be able to find the most balanced BBCOR bat. With my long-term professional baseball career and coaching experience for 12 years, I can assure you that you will make the right choice.

Let’s delve into the depths.

What Are BBCOR Baseball Bats?

It is a law or standard that regulates and monitors the bats used in high school and college baseball leagues for adults.

The National Collegiate Athletic Association and the National Federation of State High School Associations set BBCOR standards.

Both organizations claim that metal BBCOR bats have a trampoline effect slightly more than wooden bats, which is up to .50.

There is a BBCOR standard that controls the trampoline effect of the bat. More trampoline effects create more hitting power while contacting the bat and ball. The bat’s exit speed is increased while having a lot of trampoline effects.

BBCOR baseball bats are designed to have performances closer to wooden bats. Wooden bats are less dangerous and risky on the baseball field, which reduces the chances of injuries.

BBCOR bats require more efficiency than their automatic performance, so they require more efficiency to play with.

Here are the objectives of a BBCOR baseball bat:

  • Safety for fielders by reducing injury risks.
  • Getting wooden bat performance.
  • Improve your batting skills.
  • A decrease in offensive statistics, especially home runs.
  • A slower bat speed.
  • BBCOR bats must have a length-to-weight ratio of no more than -3 (drop weight).
  • BBCOR bats must have a barrel diameter of no more than 2 5/8 inches.
  • BBCOR baseball bats must not exceed 36 inches in length.

BBCOR Bat Identification

You will see hundreds of thousands of rules when you become attached to baseball.

By the way, all wooden bats are automatically BBCOR-certified. However, when it comes to metal bats, complexities arise.

After being assured that you are dealing with a BBCOR bat, you can check hundreds of bats and pick the best BBCOR bat for you.

  • Most BBCOR bats are stamped with “BBCOR Certified .50.” The stamp is usually located on the taper of the bat or above the handle. .5 refers to the maximum number of trampoline effects. That means a bat cannot exceed the trampoline effect of .50. By the way, most BBCOR bats pass with a trampoline effect of .48 or .49. Power hitters will gain the most benefits from these with maximum control and barrel control.

As a side note, the trampoline effect limit of .50 limits power hitting and bat speed. This is to ensure the performance of metal bats as well as wooden bats.

To generate the most powerful hitting with BBCOR bats, hitters must show their muscles.

The best end loaded bbcor bats are hard to come by. And that’s why we’re here to help you find the best BBCOR bats for your needs.

Here are some of the best BBCOR bats that will help you navigate the many options.

As such, I hope this list will serve as a source from which you can pick the idea and best BBCOR bat for your

10 Best End Loaded BBCOR Bat Reviews

1. Louisville Slugger Meta BBCOR

Louisville Slugger Meta BBCOR

In terms of performance, design, and look, Louisville Slugger has never let me down. There are many things to consider when choosing a baseball bat, but I choose the Louisville Slugger Meta BBCOR for its balanced construction.

This composite bat is balanced, and nothing is excessive or less.

Its EKO composite barrel, along with its sweet spot and barrel control, makes Louisville Slugger Meta stand out. The EKO composite barrel generates such a crisp ping sound, is balanced, and produces power-hitting that gives you an unreal feeling when you make contact with the ball.

As a result of the 3FX connection system, you get a stiffer feel along with significantly less vibration during mishits.

Power-hitting coupled with ultimate bat speed is exactly what elite power hitters want thanks to the balanced swing weight.

With the GT1 End cap, the barrel control is better balanced and the barrel length is maximized, so the bat performs better on the plate. The LS Pro comfort grip is also specially designed for Slugger bats to ensure maximum comfort.

The 3FX connection combined with the premium LS pro comfort grip gives you the best comfort and maximum barrel performance.

The BBCOR bat I think is the most balanced and best in the market.

One of the most important aspects of a hitter is swinging the bat perfectly. Learning How to Swing A Baseball Bat Correctly with an experienced coach would be great. 


  • Great performance.
  • Comfort grip.
  • High-performing barrel performance and barrel control.
  • Combination of power and speed.
  • Highly durable.
  • Larger sweet spot.
  • Significantly reduced vibration and sting in mishits.


  • The price is a little high.
  • Since it was built with highly advanced technology, it just changed in color compared to the previous year’s model.

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2. Demarini the Goods

Demarini the Goods

Due to its construction concept, Demarini the Goods is my favorite BBCOR bat in the hybrid BBCOR bat segment.

It’s a half+half construction with a composite handle and a massive alloy barrel. Using the ultra-stiff ParaflexTM Plus Composite Handle, this BBCOR bat has a remarkably stiffer feel along with great swinging power and nearly zero vibration.

However, the massive X14 alloy barrel ensures power-hitting and contact for the elite power hitters.

The hybrid connection system allows you to transfer maximum energy while giving a stiffer feel, while the newly redesigned Tremor end cap enhances barrel performance. This is an end-loaded bat.

It has all the qualities to become the best BBCOR bat. The power hitters can show their raw power ability with Demarini the Goods on the plate.


  • Best hybrid bat.
  • A powerful BBCOR baseball bat with an end-loaded design.
  • Massive sweet spot.
  • Larger barrel and great barrel performance.
  • Hot out of the wrapper.
  • Preferred for power hitters.


  • Have inventory issues.
  • Found some durability issues as well with this.

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3. Marucci CAT 9 Pastime -3 BBCOR

Marucci CAT 9 Pastime -3 BBCOR

Throughout history, baseball has been a nation’s pastime. The name “Pastime” came from that concept. The players of the game will bring their steadfast commitment and confidence to the field.

This balanced BBCOR bat is designed with a three-stage thermal treatment and features a new AZR alloy barrel, designed to deliver the utmost barrel performance.

The thickest part of the barrel is designed with a Longitudinal Groove System (LGS), which reduces the extra weight of the bat and makes it a great balanced bat. It has a thin wall and a huge sweet spot that makes it ideal for contact hitters.

A 2nd generation anti-vibration system reduces the bat’s vibration dramatically during mishits with this BBCOR baseball bat.

As a result of its ring-less barrel wall, the bat has an increased barrel flex and overall performance improvements. Its one-piece alloy structure allows faster swing speeds and more accurate contact.

While the handle of the bat uses a micro-perforated grip, along with the anti-vibration knob, which allows for greater control and tack.

Designed for high school and collegiate athletes, the 2 5/8-inch barrel diameter and -3 drop weight meet BBCOR standards.


  • Alloy construction provides a stiffer feel and more power.
  • Anti-vibration knobs of the 2nd generation dramatically reduce vibration.
  • It is also certified for USSSA bats with a BPF of 1.15.
  • There is a thinner wall and a huge sweet spot on this multivariable barrel wall design, and the bat speed is also more rapid.
  • Hot out of the wrapper, the alloy construction is ready to damage pitcher pitches.


  • Not found at all.

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4. Louisville Slugger Select PWR 2022

Louisville Slugger Select PWR 2022

Probably, Louisville Slugger Select PWR produces one of the crunchy ping sounds when it contacts the balls.

As with the Louisville Slugger Meta BBCOR, the EXD premium alloy barrel is engineered for performance, lightning swing speed, and an ample sweet spot. It’s also constructed of three pieces, giving it a stiff alloy handle. But, you know, the 3-piece design scheme reduces vibration remarkably.

It provides you with unreal comfort, tack, and extra cushion to develop grip and feel as well as control over the bat.

PWR end caps increase swing speed, resulting in more power to hit baseballs.

As an aside, Louisville Slugger Meta and Select PWR have some differences. On the one hand, the Louisville Slugger Meta has a balanced swing weight, whereas the Select PWR has a power swing weight. It is actually an end-loaded bat that delivers power with every inch of its barrel.

With its end-loaded feature, this BBCOR bat is the best for power hitters.

A three-piece 3FX PWR construction system is also improved along with fine-tuning, which gives it more power and stiffer feel.


  • An additional half inch of barrel length improves performance.
  • A power swing’s weight and speed contribute to its overall striking power.
  • A premium grip provides additional sustainability.
  • Swing weight and a large sweet spot ensure precise control.
  • Powerful bat that maximizes its potential.
  • As soon as aluminum alloy is removed from the packaging, it becomes extremely hot.


  • It is not a cheap BBCOR bat.

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5. Demarini Voodoo One

Demarini Voodoo One

If you are considering purchasing a single-piece bat, the Demarini Voodoo One-piece alloy construction might be the right choice for you.

With a lightweight X14 alloy barrel and one-piece alloy construction, this gun offers power striking and balanced swing weight.

In comparison to its predecessor, this one boasts trademark construction that delivers considerable performance.

This barrel adds the fuel of speed to the equation because of its one-piece design. Its new tracer end cap quickens the pace of the swing, which improves the barrel’s performance.

Furthermore, the baseball’s one-piece structure results in an unrivaled exit velocity.

This is undoubtedly one of the best BBCOR baseball bats that cane pitchers nightmares.


  • Ready to game state out of the pack.
  • Balanced swing weight.
  • Gives a stiffer feel and fast swing speed.
  • Great swing weight with a larger sweet spot.
  • Fewer vibrations as a one-piece constructed bat.
  • Nice sound generation.


  • Have some inventory issues.
  • Not sure, but it probably has a durable issue.

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6. Victus Nox Hybrid BBCOR

Victus Nox Hybrid BBCOR

The Victus wood bats took over the market share previously held by Marucci starting in the 2021 MLB season. You may be aware of Victus’ popularity in Major League Baseball. However, Victus bats are frequently overlooked.

The next bat I recommend is the Victus NOX 2021 hybrid bat, which features a two-piece design with an end-loaded barrel constructed of military-grade material and a high-grade composite grip.

It’s the double-banded vibration-reducing connection systems that ensure almost zero vibration of the bat.

A threaded connection contributes to the bat’s overall stiffness, while its dual-band technology lowers vibrations and harshness altogether, ensuring a faster swing speed.

There is a large sweet spot in the alloy barrel’s ringless construction, where the wall thickness is multi-variable.

The bat provides maximum power thanks to its micro-perforated grip and pro-tapered handle.

Two impact connection systems, along with a composite handle and military-grade alloy barrel, make this one of the best end-loaded baseball BBCOR bats available.


  • Game-ready out of the box.
  • Hybrid making with a composite handle and military-grade alloy give unbound power.
  • Ringless huge barrel performance is great to have.
  • Great level of pop that gives huge exit velocity.
  • One year of warranty is given.


  • Seems slightly pricey.

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7. Easton Hype 2022

Easton Hype 2022

Easton Hype BBCOR bat is an entirely composite bat with a two-piece construction. Easton is one of the leading manufacturers of baseball bats.

Featuring a massive barrel and a massive sweet spot, it’s a composite bat with some fantastic features.

Its combination of explosive power and light swing weight results in an explosive-hitting experience.

There is a slight end load on this bat, so it is great for both contact hitters and power hitters. Its design structure is a mid-level power-loaded bat.

As a result of the lighter swing weight, the handle is made from a pro stiff carbon composite material that provides a pure solid feel.

In this BBCOR bat, the specialized Power Boost Soft Knob reduces vibration caused by mishits. The Connection Max connection system attaches the carbon composite handle, which drastically reduces vibration.

However, the massive sweet spot and the composite barrel give both light towers power upward and downward.


  • A lighter swing weight gives light-tower power.
  • Mid-level power weight is loved by all contact hitters and power hitters.
  • Great bat speed.
  • Flow tack grip and Connection Max system give almost zero vibration and maximum barrel performance.
  • A faster swing speed allows the hitter to make almost accurate contact.
  • Great durability.
  • Massive sweet spot.


  • The price is a little high.

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8. Axe Bat Avenge Pro Hybrid

Axe Bat Avenge Pro Hybrid

This Axe bat Avenge Pro Hybrid is not like most BBCOR bats. It offers many unique features.

As a result of utilizing shock suspension connection technology, the carbon handle is connected to the alloy barrel in order to lessen vibrations as much as possible.

This bat features a combined charged carbon+ end cap and composite handle for a vibration-free feel that leads to faster swing speeds than most other BBCOR bats available.

The MX8+ alloy barrel provides a huge barrel and a generous sweet spot to this fantastic Axe bat.

The powerfully charged carbon handle and end cap create unreal power transfer, resulting in a hyper-charged exit velocity when the swing weight contacts the balls.

A combination of Endogrid vibration cancellation technology and shock suspension technology create the smoothest swing speeds for power hitters.

One of the best BBCOR baseball bats, which performs almost as well as wood bats, has outstanding features with outstanding performance.


  • A high-grade alloy like MX8+ is game-ready right out of the box.
  • A charged carbon+ composite handle provides utmost control and stiffness.
  • There is a large sweet spot on the barrel, ensuring accurate contact for power hitters.
  • Almost no vibration.
  • Crunchy ping sound.
  • Highly durable.
  • It’s the combination of the handle and barrel that gives it its peak performance.


  • Probably the most underrated BBCOR baseball bat.
  • The price is a little high.

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9. Marucci Cat 8 BBCOR Bat

Marucci Cat 8 BBCOR Bat

A one-piece alloy BBCOR bat made of the high-quality AZ105 alloy, Marucci is the most commonly used bat in MLB and other leagues.

A massive sweet spot ensures accurate contact for contact hitters with the precision-balanced multi-variable wall design.

This handle is equipped with the 2nd generation AV2 anti-vibration knob that provides stable performance and reduces unwanted vibrations.

With no dead spots in the barrel wall, there is more barrel flex, which contributes to smoother performance.

As the alloy construction is stiff, clean, and quick, swing speeds are increased.

In addition to the professional handle, there is a removable taper and an ergonomic knob shape to ensure ultimate swing speed and control.

A microperforated grip provides additional tack and cushion to the hands, ensuring a highly sustainable grip.


  • The AZ105 alloy is highly durable.
  • Great barrel performance.
  • A massive sweet spot gives accurate contact.
  • Great exit velocity.
  • A one-piece construction provides clean, robust performance with more barrel flex.
  • The ergonomic knob shape and soft grip give more control.
  • 2nd generation anti-vibration technology ensures no vibration.
  • Good pricing.


  • Probably have issues with making regions.

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10. 2022 Demarini CF

2022 Demarini CF

With the combination of black body color and yellow logo color, the Demarini CF new BBCOR bat is designed with a great look. It will help you control the plate with its precision.

Its huge barrel is made from Paraflex composite material, which provides consistent responsiveness and a larger sweet spot.

The Paraflex plus composite barrel gives the batter maximum control over the bat, allowing contact hitters to contact the ball accurately.

Its two-piece construction makes it an incredibly balanced bat due to its evenly distributed weight.

The 3Fusion connection system, however, is designed to ensure a seamless connection between the handle and the Paraflex composite barrel.

Therefore, the bat has reduced its vibration dramatically and your hands do not feel any dangerous negative vibrations.

While the reaction end cap, made from a blend of great materials, increases barrel performance without affecting swing weight or swing speed.

The Demarini CF 2022 gives you optimum bat control and an unreal feel.


  • The Paraflec plus composite barrel is designed for a larger sweet spot that ensures accurate contact.
  • The bat is highly durable.
  • 3fusion connection system, if highly advanced, makes sure there is no vibration for the bat.
  • Two-piece composite construction ensures the utmost performance without compromising durability.
  • The specialized reaction end cap enhances the barrel performance.


  • The bat is highly priced which is sometimes out of reach for many players.

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Buying Guide Of The Best End Loaded BBCOR Bats

When purchasing the best end loaded BBcor bats, you must consider the following factors according to your height and preferences.

The right bat with a balanced swing weight can give a great performance on the field. So, let’s check the facts.

Length of the Bat

Although I mentioned earlier that a BBCOR bat could reach a maximum length of 36 inches, it generally sustains between 31 and 34 inches. By the way, there are also 29 and 30 inches in common usage.

But, which will you pick that would be a balanced bat for you?

Here are a few tips to help you determine the ideal length for your BBCOR bat.

  • The knob (bottom) of the bat’s handle should be placed against your chest, and the top side of the bat should be parallel to the end of your hand.
  • It is possible to go for it if you are able to hold the barrel of the baseball bat perfectly with your hand.
  • You can use the knob of the bat if it easily reaches your palm when it is placed on the ground beside one of your legs.

Therefore, these three practical methods can help you determine the length of a bat and whether or not it is right for you.

Check out the size chart for baseball bats if it bothers you. 

Weight of the Bat

The BBCOR bat must have a drop weight of -3. What is a drop weight? It’s the ratio of the baseball bat’s length to its weight.

BBCOR bats do not exceed 36 inches in length. That means that a BBCOR bat can weigh up to 33 ounces. Did you get that?

The actual weight of the bat can be calculated by subtracting the drop weight from its length.

The drop weight of a bat is mainly determined by the weight compared to its length.

So now, how do you choose the right weighted best end loaded bbcor bats for you?

Choosing the weight of the bat should be based on how you feel. If you are comfortable with the weight for a long time, it is the right choice.

You can also test this by holding the bat and lifting it, extending your hand to the side of your body. If you can hold it for 30 to 45 seconds quickly, it is ok. Otherwise, the BBCOR bat is too heavy.

However, power hitters like to have a heavy bat instead of a lightweight bat.

Materials of the BBCOR Baseball Bats

There are two types of metal that can be used to make BBCOR baseball bats: composite bats and aluminum bats. Therefore, you have two material options to choose from.

Generally, metal bats are game-ready out of the box, especially the alloy BBCOR bats.

Alternatively, composite bats require 150 to 200 hits to break in, which does not take a long time.

The barrel flex of alloy bats is also less than that of composite bats. Composite bats also have a larger sweet spot in comparison with alloy bats.

Therefore, a composite bat’s mishits will feel less stingy.

As opposed to alloy bats, composite bats will provide a longer lifespan and more durability than alloy bats.

The durability of both bats varies according to the player, the environment, and how many games are played in the shortest period of time, etc.

So, regardless of whether it’s an alloy or composite bat, grab the best end loaded Bbcor bats based on your preference and budget.

One Piece Or Two Piece BBCOR Bats

The construction of BBCOR baseball bats is another important consideration. Among the metal bats, two types of construction are popular: one-piece construction and two-piece construction.

A BBCOR bat made of one piece of metal is referred to as a one-piece bat.

The aluminum BBCOR bats have one-piece construction, so they provide fast feedback. The result is less flex, which allows more energy for the bat.

As you are generating a more balanced and powerful swing with less flex, you will feel more sting when you mishit balls with the bat. Therefore, alloy bats are a good option for contact hitters.

The two-piece bat, on the other hand, is exactly what its name suggests. Its handle is joined to its barrel to form a two-piece design.

In addition to faster swing speed and bat speed, two-piece BBCOR bats have less vibration and sting in mishits. They also have a very large sweet spot for generating power-hitting by power-hitters.

As a result, the best bat for you depends on your requirements and preferences. For instance, if you need better barrel control and a more powerful swing, you could choose a one-piece bat.

Two-piece BBCOR bats, however, provide more flex, less vibration, and fewer stings on mishits.

Check out our guide on 2 Piece Bat Vs 1 Piece Bat for a detailed explanation of one-piece and two-piece bats.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best BBCOR drop 3 bats?

Choosing the BBCOR bat that is considered to be the very best is not an easy task. You need to take a variety of factors into consideration when choosing the ideal -3 drop weight for you. Among the factors to consider are the weight of the bat, the length, the materials used, and how well it performs.

Considering these characteristics, a lot of bats are likely to be ranked among the finest -3 drop weight BBCOR models. The Louisville Slugger Meta 2022, the Marucci CAT9 pastime, the Victus Nox, and the Demarini the Goods are among the best BBCOR bats on the market.

What is bat speed in baseball?

A bat’s speed is measured by its mass center, which is located very close to the sweet spot of the bat. Bat speed is calculated by measuring the speed of the bat as it is swung by a batter.

A batter’s hips, shoulders, arms, and wrists all work together to produce the bat’s speed.

The speed of the bat is another phrase. It takes a hitter only one and a half seconds to swing his bat from the moment the ball is released into play until the ball is caught by the catcher. This period of time is called swing time.

Are end-loaded bats better?

End-loaded bats contain a greater amount of load at the end of the barrel as well as the end cap, which results in greater power during a swing.

The end-loaded bats are therefore more popular with power hitters. This is because they prefer making powerful hits and end-loaded bats make this easier.

As a result, balanced bats tend to have an even weight distribution throughout, which results in a faster swing speed.

How do you break in a BBCOR bat?

A composite bat needs to be properly broken in before it is ready to use. Aluminum alloy bats are ready to use almost immediately after being unwrapped.

For proper break-in of your new composite BBCOR baseball bats, I recommend doing 150 to 250 swings with a gentle throw-off of a batting tee.

A real baseball can also be used to do the same thing gently. However, you should only swing at half of your maximum speed when you first begin.

After 100 strokes, the swing should become faster. In addition, the entire power should be used.

Why are Marucci bats so expensive?

There are many companies, such as Marucci, Louisville Slugger, Demarini, and Axe, which spend a substantial amount of money advertising their goods. On the other hand, they must also take into account the value of their brand.

The cost of their bats is slightly higher than average due to the fact that they produce genuinely excellent quality bats, which are premium. 

Wrapping Up

It is true that there are many brands and bats on the market that manufacture BBCOR baseball bats. However, not all are the best end loaded BBCOR bats.

It is important to spend some time researching the best bat as you will be investing a lot of money in it.

For your next league, I hope this guide on the best end loaded BBcor bats will help you pick and grab the best bats. 

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