Top 7 Best Fake Oral B Brush Heads of 2022

You will find that Oral-B has more options than any other company on the market when it comes to toothbrush heads. This includes sensitive options as well as brush heads that help whiten your teeth.

As a result of the sheer number of options available, it can be quite difficult to determine the best electric toothbrush for your needs.

Therefore, we decided to review them all ourselves.

This guide has been developed after months of scrubbing and brushing. It compares all the current best oral b toothbrush heads in detail.

Best Fake Oral B Toothbrush Head Reviews

1. Oral-B CrossAction Brush Head

Oral-B currently includes the CrossAction brush head in the box of all of its brand new electric toothbrushes.

The toothbrush head is a jack of all trades and will work well for most people, unless they have specific issues with their teeth or gums.

The brush bristles are crisscrossed, hence the name.

Longer outer clusters of bristles are designed to scrape away plaque from between teeth and along the gum line, while the shorter middle clusters are designed to focus on areas closest to your mouth.

It is recommended that you use the sensitive version if you are used to brushing with medium or firm bristles.

2. Oral-B Sensitive Clean Brush Head

This is Oral-B’s gentlest brush head. If you prefer soft bristles, this is the brush head for you.

According to one of our testers with sensitive gums, brushing along the gum line with the sensitive brush head felt much more pleasant than brushing with other brush heads.

There are 14 clusters of Oral-B’s Indicator bristles in the outer ring and 12 clusters of light blue bristles in the inner circle. Although the bristles are different in color, they appear to be made of the same material.

If you have sensitive teeth or inflamed gums, this is the only brush head for you.  The extra soft bristles are noticeably softer than any other brush head.

3. Oral-B Precision Clean Toothbrush Head

Perhaps the Precision Clean may appeal to you if you are put off by all the other weird and wacky bristle shapes.

Its precision clean bristle layout is similar to that of a manual toothbrush.

The bristles have been rounded (as opposed to being cut flat), resulting in a smoother brushing experience.

When focusing on one single tooth at a time, precision clean is most effective. The slight curve on the bristles conforms perfectly to the shape of a single tooth. The longer bristles at the top and bottom assist in cleaning along the gum line, whereas the shorter bristles work on the teeth.

4. Oral-B FlossAction Toothbrush Head

An intriguing concept among the Oral-B brush heads, this brush consists of 19 clusters of bristles with varying heights, along with four wedges of yellow rubber.

Basically, yellow wedges are designed to help clean the area between your teeth. They are loose, so when you turn your electric toothbrush on, they move much more than the bristles do.

FlossAction provides a great clean, but during our testing, we did not detect that the area between our teeth was any cleaner than when we used a different Oral-B head using an appropriate technique.

In fact, Oral-B warns that floss should not be used in place of this brush head. There was no success with the yellow wedges between the teeth, but they did seem to work wonders along the gum line.

Aside from the rubber wedges, the toothbrush head has an unusual feel, but you will become accustomed to it very quickly.

5. Oral-B 3D White Electric Toothbrush Head

We have Oral-B promising a naturally whiter smile just by purchasing a brush head! Really? What a bold claim!

It is important to clarify that toothbrushes can only whiten teeth when they are used in conjunction with toothpaste designed for such purposes. Whenever you rub your toothbrush and toothpaste over your teeth, the abrasive action resulting in the lifting of surface stains results in whitening effects. A toothbrush cannot “magically” whiten your teeth.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that all other toothbrush heads tested so far have shown to be equally effective at whitening teeth.

As we have covered previously, Oral-B brush heads are round. However, because the “polishing cup” takes up so much space, Oral-B has made the brush head oval to accommodate more bristles.

A brush head with an oval shape takes larger swipes than one with a round shape. Coupled with the lack of bristles in the middle, you end up with a brush head that does not clean as thoroughly as one with a round shape.

The end result is a brush head that is not as effective at whitening teeth as other heads and offers a worse overall cleaning experience. Unsurprisingly, we do not recommend its use.

6. Oral-B Deep Sweep Toothbrush Head

There is a common complaint about smaller round brush heads that they do not feel like handheld toothbrushes. The Deep Sweep solves this problem.

You will find that the brush head on the Deep Sweep is nearly identical in size to the brush head on your manual toothbrush.

The Deep Sweep brush head has one of the most unique bristle movements among Oral-B’s brush heads. Instead of circular movement, each bristle sweeps rapidly from side to side.

In addition to the fact that the Deep Sweep brush head isn’t particularly popular, Oral-B chooses only to include the smaller round heads in the boxes of its new electric toothbrushes.

It feels almost oversized, despite being nearly identical to the head of a manual toothbrush, after brushing for three months with the smaller round head.

The Deep Sweep does clean your teeth beautifully, but those of you with smaller mouths will have difficulty reaching your molars, even with the sweeping tip. If you have a smaller mouth, it is better to stick with the round brush heads.

7. Oral-B Dual Clean Toothbrush Head

Oral-B dual clean is one of those toothbrush heads that you either love or hate. Out of all our testers, this was the one that created the most controversy.

Initially, the Dual Clean appears to be quite impressive. The Dual Clean combines the smaller round Oral-B brush heads with a second head that moves side to side, similar to the Deep Sweep brush head above, on a head that is the size of a traditional toothbrush head.

The testers who praised the Dual Clean remarked on how they could work each tooth individually with the round head, while the side action head worked on the gum line and between the teeth. One tester stated that it was the best clean he had ever experienced.

Some testers disliked the size of the brush head (this is the largest oral-b brush head available). Another criticism was that the dead space between the top and bottom brushes had no bristles, which resulted in a great deal of surface area being missed.

In the absence of a clear winner, it appears that you will have to try this brush head for yourself. If you enjoy the size of your traditional toothbrush head, but don’t enjoy the side-to-side action of the Deep Sweep, then this is the brush head for you.

Where to buy Oral-B Brush Heads?

Oral-B brush heads are purchased from Amazon. Not only do they often offer discount coupons, but they also offer a subscription program where you can schedule your brush heads to be delivered every 3 or 6 months (when they are due to be replaced).

The replacement brush heads can be found at your local pharmacy or at larger retailers like Walmart or Target if you prefer to shop locally.

What about generic replacements?

If you are feeling frugal or just love a bargain, then you may have noticed that those generic brush heads are sold at a much cheaper price than the official Oral-B brush heads.

It is unfortunate, but Oral-B’s brush heads cannot be beaten at their own game. From heads that fail to move after just a few weeks to bristles falling out during brushing, generic heads simply do not match Oral-B’s standards.

Therefore, we concluded that generic brush heads were not worth the trouble.

For those on a budget, there’s good news: Oral-B regularly discounts its brush heads. All you need to do is stock up when they go on sale. Remember that you should replace your brush head every three months, so four brush heads will last an entire year.

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