Top 5 Best Family Devotional Books 2022

As far as the best family devotional book goes, I recommend Kingdom Family Devotional by Tony Evans if you are in a hurry.

It’s amazing to have a deep relationship with God while developing a strong connection with your family. That’s how a family devotional works.

In my view, everyone in the family can have a close relationship with God, from toddlers to teens.

This type of activity is good and effective, especially for families with busy schedules. They are useful for families who can only devote a short amount of time to family bonding. You will strengthen your relationship with your kids as well as encourage them to live their lives in accordance with God’s word.

Your family devotion will be successful if you use the right family devotional book.

Here are the Best Family Devotional Books we’ll be reviewing:

What is a Family Devotional?

You can strengthen your family’s spiritual growth by participating in a family devotional.

Bringing God’s words into your children’s lives through family devotionals is a great way to start a good conversation within the family. Even kids and teenagers can relate and appreciate it.

The best thing about family devotionals is that it won’t take up too much of your time. In a short period of time, you can have a fruitful discussion with your children. 

It is beneficial for the whole family to begin a family devotional, especially for the growth of your children. 

What Creates a Good Family Devotional?

A successful family devotional depends on the resources available to you. Other factors to consider include:

Simple and age-appropriate

It should be simple yet enjoyable. Even young children should be able to cope with the discussion during family devotions.


Your children will enjoy being part of your family devotion if you let them read certain passages, share their thoughts, and engage them during your discussion.


For a deeper connection and relationship with God as a family, your family devotionals should always be based on the Bible. 


Consistency is also key. Make family devotionals part of your daily routine. Don’t break the momentum. Your children might lose interest if you are inconsistent.


The family devotional should be as enjoyable and lively as possible. Kids love fun things and fun moments. They look forward to engaging activities that are enjoyable and exciting.

Importance of Doing Family Devotional

A family devotion can initiate a close bond between members of the family. It creates an atmosphere where children can flourish in their spiritual walk.

It unites the family

A family devotional strengthens the relationship between parents and their children. Parents need to be intentional when sharing scripture with their children. Family devotional sets the mood and atmosphere in the home. 

It creates a meaningful conversation with your children

Children can learn about the Bible through family devotionals. It helps them reflect on life through God’s words. Parents can teach their children how to live in God’s will.

It is a good investment in your children’s spiritual growth

Modeling Christlike character for your kids. Reading the Bible and praying set a strong foundation for their spiritual development. Family devotion is the perfect investment for your children if you want them to follow God’s character.    

When is the Best Time to Do Family Devotionals?

Make time for your family. Every family is different. Remember that even your kids have busy schedules.

Some families choose to do their family devotion before eating their breakfast. They get up earlier than usual to make time for their family devotion. That way, their minds are fresh after a long day. 

It may be better for other families to do their family devotion before bedtime. They might be able to spend more time praying and giving thanks together, or sharing stories and playing games. They prefer nighttime since they are not rushing to leave the house. 

It is important that we stick to the scheduled time if we want our children to copy the habit. 

How to Start your Family Devotionals?

It can be difficult to establish the habit of doing family devotions. However, it is a worthwhile investment for your family’s spiritual growth. 

Set up a schedule

Remember to include your kids’ schedules when setting up a time. Consider what works best for them. Maybe Saturday evening or Sunday morning would work. 

Start with a Prayer

The best way to start anything is with a simple prayer.

The prayer could be a prayer for the guidance of the Lord as you do your family devotional or a prayer for the health of your family.

Look for the Best Family Devotional Book

In order to begin your family devotional, read passages from the Bible together. It is best if you can read stories from family devotional books to the kids and let them express what they have learned from the verses. Discuss biblical principles with them as you read to them. 

Choosing the Best Family Devotional Book

Here are some factors to consider before buying a devotional book for your family.

Age Target

Make sure you read a book appropriate for your kids’ age when you engage them in family devotions. Families with toddlers, preschoolers, and elementary schoolers. Families with teenagers and young adults. Ask questions about this book. Is it suitable for children? Does it pique teens’ and young adults’ curiosity? 

Colorful Illustrations

A toddler or elementary school child prefers to read books with colorful pictures. A child’s imagination can be enhanced if they see images. One of the most effective ways to teach kids in this age group is through visualization. Young adults prefer books with relatable illustrations. They prefer books with relatable illustrations. 

Story Content

A key factor to consider is the content of the book. What is the main objective of family devotionals? Is it easy to comprehend? Is it relatable? Family devotionals are about more than just retaining information. Life transformation is what we seek from the Holy Spirit. In all their endeavors, family devotionals encourage the whole family to emulate Christ. 

Find the best family devotional on the market today with my help. 

5 Best Family Devotional Book Reviews

1. Kingdom Family Devotional by Tony Evans

Kingdom Family Devotional by Tony Evans

An excellent way to build a spiritually strong family week by week is the Kingdom Family Devotional, written by Dr. Tony Evans and his son Jonathan Evans. This book is perfect for both single and married parents. It is a great resource tool for parents to foster spiritual growth within their families.

This book has 52 separate topics. Each topic represents a week of the year, and five devotionals within each topic guide devotional time from Monday through Friday. It covers the basics of faith as well as the essentials of living as a Christian. The subject matter is also simplified for children to understand.


  • A perfect resource for busy families
  • Fun Friday activities include arts and crafts and charades every week
  • Weekly topics dedicated to useful information
  • There are a lot of illustrations in the devotions, but they are not very long
  • Topics relevant to today’s lifestyles, problems, etc.


  • Young adults and teens should not attend

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2. The One Year Book of Josh McDowell’s Family Devotions

The One Year Book of Josh McDowell’s Family Devotions

With Josh McDowell’s family devotion, you will be able to teach your family the truth about always making the right choices. It is a daily devotional book titled “Right from Wrong.” By introducing them to biblical values, it enables them to make godly decisions. 

Each of the 365 readings includes a short Bible reading, a key verse, and an inspiring short story. Discussion questions help families think through how to make the right choice in a particular situation. My favorite part of this book is its useful feature at the end of every reading. It asks families to pray, encourages them to discuss further, or gives them a practical task to accomplish.


  • Stories are relatable to things we deal with in our everyday lives
  • This family devotional book is good for pre-teens and teens
  • The stories are well-written and entertaining
  • Includes a daily scripture reading


  • The language of the book is too cheesy

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3. Jesus Calling Family Devotional by Sarah Young

Jesus Calling Family Devotional by Sarah Young

Jesus Calling is a 365-day devotional written by Sarah Young, one of the best-selling books. Families can read and talk through each devotion together. They can also pray together and read scripture verses together. Her ministry is to encourage her readers in their journey toward intimacy with Christ.

The family devotional book contains 100 devotions for kids. It is designed to bring families together. It offers a deeper relationship with Jesus. There is a section for parents, and another with specific content for kids. The words used in the kids section are easy to understand. 


  • Includes a bookmark ribbon to keep track of your page
  • The questions are engaging for the whole family
  • The vibrant cover is perfect for a coffee table or travel bag
  • It is a wonderful gift for families
  • It features parallel content for parents and kids


  • The devotionals are repetitive
  • The language used is very direct

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4. The Very Best, Hands-On, Kinda Dangerous by Shoemaker

The Very Best, Hands-On, Kinda Dangerous by Shoemaker

There’s no doubt from the title that this devotional book is not your typical family devotional. Shoemaker aims to create family devotionals that are creative, fun, and engaging. 

If you want your household to laugh, build, explode, and bring the truth of the Scripture to life – then this book is for you.

Your 52 activities will deliver the spiritual impact you want for your kids. Everyone will enjoy these fun, kinda dangerous, totally unforgettable object lessons. You’ll be surprised at how much dads and “killjoy” teens enjoy family devotions.


  • Spot on activities for your family’s spiritual growth together
  • One of a kind, unique, over the top devotional
  • Recommended for families who love to be active
  • Includes activities categorized by age group


  • The activities included requires too much work for parents
  • Not recommended for families with toddlers

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5. All Together: The Family Devotional by Steve Legg

All Together: The Family Devotional by Steve Legg

All Together is a family devotional book written by Steve and Bekah Legg to bring families together. It encourages families to share their everyday lives, both big and small. From Genesis to Jesus’ birth, life, and resurrection, families can explore the Bible together. 

The twelve-week devotional comes with a healthy dose of humor and insight. The family gets to read a short Bible passage, a thought to consider, questions to get you talking, and a simple prayer each day. Besides suggestions for family activities, it also includes suggestions for the weekend. 


  • It is perfect for the whole family
  • This devotional encourages discussion and prayer together
  • You’ll be able to explore Christianity as a unit
  • It keeps all the family members involved in the discussion
  • It is very biblical


  • Not recommended for families with teens and young adults

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Family devotions develop deep relationships with God and your children. Family devotionals are a set time designed to build up each member and expand opportunities to pray with and for them. Making it a habit establishes a sense of unity and direction within families.

Kingdom Family Devotional by Tony Evans makes family devotions engaging and fun. This year-long study focuses on themes of spiritual growth. The format gives busy families a lot of flexibility. The best thing about this book is that it’s focused on younger kids to older teens, so they can either read together Monday through Friday or have two nights off each week in the evenings. 

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