The Best Finger Grabber Tools: Top 5 Picks

A grabber tool, which can extend the user’s reach from 26 inches to 40 inches, can help make everyday tasks safer and more manageable. With their large jaws, grabber tools can grasp a range of items, from bottles to small glass pieces. Some even have magnets built into them for grabbing small metal objects like keys.

In this guide, we explain some of the most important features to consider when shopping for the best finger grabber tools.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Finger Grabber tool

In addition to length, other factors can make a significant difference in the usefulness of a tool designed to extend one’s reach, such as maneuverability, grabbing mechanism, and weight. Find out why grabber reacher tools differ in these and other ways ahead.

Intended Use

A grabber tool is a handy tool that can be used for a variety of purposes. For example, it is useful for picking up trash, since you do not need to constantly bend over to grab debris off the ground.

These handy tools are helpful for people who may have difficulty standing or bending over. Mobility grabbers tend to be lighter and shorter than grabber tools used for other purposes, making them easier to handle.

You can also use grabbers to reach objects from a shelf, eliminating the need for ladders and stepstools. For cleaning the trim above windows and dusting ceiling fans, the grabber’s length is crucial to the maximum efficiency of the grabber.

Additionally, some of these devices have useful features such as folding shafts and clips that make them easily transportable or able to be attached to a wheelchair. Other handy features include LED lights to enhance visibility and shoehorns to make it easier to put on one’s shoes.

Shaft Material and Length

There are a variety of grabber tools available, which range in length from 26-inch models to longer 40-inch models. Grabber tools have aluminum shafts that are lightweight, strong, and corrosion-resistant.

If one wants to reach objects that are higher off the ground than one might be able to without a ladder, longer grabbers are ideal. Besides changing light bulbs and collecting trash around a property, they can also be useful helpers when performing routine maintenance around the house.

Shorter grabbers may not offer as much reach, but they can help those with mobility issues pick up objects and gather toys and clothes from a child’s room.


While applying pressure to close the jaws around an object, the best grabbers are easy to grip and comfortable on the hand. The handle is designed with a molded grip that conforms to the hand so that pressure is evenly distributed throughout the hand, making it more comfortable to grip when applying constant pressure to the trigger.

To prevent grabbers from slipping out of a user’s hand while being used, most grabbers feature rubberized handles.

There are also grabbers that fold to 90-degree angles, making it possible to reach items that are at the back of high shelves and cabinets. Some grabbers can be locked once the jaws are gripped.

Weight and Maneuverability

A grabber’s weight and maneuverability determine how easy it is to use. Grabbers need to be lightweight so that users can manipulate them easily. Most grabbers are made of lightweight aluminum weighing about 9 to 13 ounces.

There is an important distinction between lightweight and heavy-duty grabbers based on how much weight they can effectively hold in their grippers. Lightweight grabbers are rated to handle as much as 5 pounds, while heavy-duty grabbers can handle up to 12 pounds.

A grabber’s maneuverability is also important. Some grabbers are foldable with a joint at the midpoint of the shaft, making it possible to reach backs of shelves or even gutters.

Grabbing Mechanism

The grabbing mechanism consists of a handle with a large trigger that operates a broad set of jaws. The jaws close when the operator presses the trigger. The jaws are usually rounded with a large opening in the rear to accommodate larger objects, like glasses or bottles, which can be gripped comfortably.

The jaws of these grabbers are typically coated with a nonslip material that prevents objects from sliding out of them as they are moved. Some grabbers also have suction cups on the jaws, which allow the grabber to pick up delicate objects more easily.

It also has rotating heads that allow the user to position the grabber better for gripping objects, such as small pieces of glass.


Grabbers aren’t much use if they can’t be easily accessed when needed. With that in mind, many grabbers have convenient designs that make them easy to use and store.

Depending on the size of the grabber, some fold completely in half, reducing it to just 15 inches in size. As a result of this folding feature, the grabber can be stored in a drawer or cabinet easily. The grabber can be hung when not in use or attached to a wheelchair so that it is readily accessible when needed by loops or clips on the shaft or handle.

Our Top Picks

Taking the above factors into account, the following products were selected as the best finger grabber tools for different needs. As these are some of the best options on the market, any of the grabber reacher tools below can make accessing those out-of-reach objects easier.

Our 5 Best Finger Grabber Tool Reviews

1. RMS Featherweight The Original Reacher

RMS Featherweight The Original Reacher

Even though it’s not as long or foldable as more expensive reachers, the affordable price and quality construction make it a worthwhile tool for multiple situations.

Soft foam coatings on its jaws keep objects firmly in place, while hooks help snatch items with loops. Smaller metal objects can be picked up easier with magnets integrated into the tip of the jaws.

This grabber measures 26 inches long and weighs just over 9 ounces, making it one of the lighter grabbers on the market.

A handy yellow clip lets the user attach the grabber to a cane, walker, or wheelchair. A big ergonomic grip makes it easy to grasp objects.


  • Hook side
  • Magnetic tip
  • Ergonomic grip
  • Clip attaches to walkers, wheelchairs, canes, and more
  • Wide-mouth claw


  • Doesn’t fold

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2. Tacklife Upgrade Reacher Grabber Tool

Tacklife Upgrade Reacher Grabber Tool

Lightweight, foldable, and with rotating jaws, this grabber tool from Tacklife offers a wide range of functionality. The shaft can be folded to any angle between 45 and 180 degrees for access to virtually any area.

The Tacklife is 34 inches long and weighs less than 10 ounces, making it easy to maneuver sitting or standing. It also has a magnetic tip for grabbing metal items, such as keys.

A thick rubberized layer on the jaws makes this grabber able to grasp heavier objects firmly due to its lightweight aluminum construction. A soft ergonomic handle and a large trigger make holding the jaws closed easy, while a small loop at the top of the handle allows the user to hang it in a convenient spot when not in use.


  • Folds between 45 and 180 degrees
  • Magnetic tip
  • With a 12-pound weight capacity, it can handle heavier objects
  • Rubberized layer
  • Ergonomic handle and large trigger


  • It has been reported that some users have issues using the trigger and cable

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3. Vive Suction Cup Reacher Grabber Tool

Vive Suction Cup Reacher Grabber Tool

In addition to its powerful suction-cup grips, this reacher measures 32 inches in length, which makes it ideal for grabbing delicate objects that are out of reach. It is ideal for changing light bulbs in light fixtures out of reach or grabbing glasses and mugs from a high shelf because the cups will grip smooth surfaces without requiring a lot of pressure. For these cups to work properly, they must be cleaned periodically.

With an ergonomic rubber grip, this reacher is comfortable to hold and easy to maneuver, whether you’re sitting or standing. Aluminum construction keeps it lightweight at less than 9 ounces, so it’s easy to maneuver.

In addition to being convenient to hang when not in use, the reacher has a loop end that makes it easy to access.


  • Suction-cup grabber
  • Rubberized grip
  • Loop end


  • Cups must be cleaned periodically
  • Doesn’t fold

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4. Ezpik 40″ Long Reach Grabber Tool

Ezpik 40

The 40-inch length of this grabber reacher tool makes it ideal for picking up garbage from a yard or reaching high shelves.

With a 180-degree rotating head, it is easy to position the wide jaws for picking up items. The jaws can grip a bottle with a 4-inch throat, while the narrow tip is helpful for smaller items.

The jaws feature a nonskid coating that can grip small pieces of glass or bulky pieces of garbage, such as cans, bottles, and newspapers. This grabber has an integrated magnet to make picking up smaller pieces of metal easier. It can be easily stored or transported despite its long length and lightweight.


  • 180-degree rotating head
  • Wide, nonskid magnetic jaws
  • Foldable
  • Metal hanging hook


  • Pricey
  • There have been some reports of manufacturing defects from users

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5. Jellas Reacher Grabber Tool

Jellas Reacher Grabber Tool

For a grabber tool to be useful, it must be able to handle a variety of tasks, which this one can. It features lightweight, innovative design features suitable for those with mobility problems.

With its large rubberized gripper jaws and 32-inch length, it can pick up a variety of objects, while its magnetic tip makes picking up keys a breeze.

The jaws rotate, and the shaft is foldable, allowing the user to grab objects from varying angles and positions. The grabber tool also comes with a handle with an integrated shoehorn, which helps those who have difficulty bending over to put on their shoes. This grabber tool weighs 12 ounces but is made of aluminum.


  • Rotating jaws
  • Magnetic tip
  • Large rubberized grip jaws
  • Foldable shaft
  • Shoehorn end


  • Some users report manufacturing defects

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How We Chose the Best Finger Grabber Tools

Our research revealed that the best grabber tools are based on their length, materials, weight, and other special features that top brands include.

Among users searching for the best grabber reacher tools available, aluminum grabbers measuring 32 to 40 inches in length and weighting 9 to 12 ounces were the most popular choices.

In addition to ergonomic handles, large triggers, wide-mouth jaws, rotating heads, and suction cups, some of these tools offer secure grips on large and small items.

Magnetic tips, shoehorns, and clips are built into many of these top picks for versatility and convenience.


Here are some answers to questions you may have about grabber reacher tools after learning more about the features they offer.

Q: What is a grabber used for?

Those who struggle to stand or bend over can find grabbers invaluable. They can assist them in reaching objects and operating appliances they would not otherwise be able to operate. You can also use them to reach items from high shelves or collect trash without straining your back or getting injured touching broken glass.

Q: How do grabbers work?

It consists of a handle with triggers that operate a set of jaws. When the operator squeezes the handle trigger, it pulls a wire through the shaft to the jaws, allowing the jaws to close and grip the object.

Q: How do you use a reacher grabber?

As soon as the jaws of the reacher grabber are around the desired object, squeeze the trigger to close the jaws. Keep pressing the trigger and move the object to a place where it can be accessed without the grabber.

Our Verdict

This versatile reacher grabber tool has a hook side, a clip, a claw with a wide mouth, and a magnetic tip. For a budget-friendly option, you can use the Tacklife grabber tool, which folds between 45 and 180 degrees and has a magnetic tip, a large trigger, and ergonomic handle.

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