The Best Fish Fertilizer for Roses: Top 6 Picks

To produce breath-taking flowers, rose plants need lots of care and hard work, but those efforts are well rewarded with beautiful blooms. 

Rose bush fertilizer plays an essential role in rose maintenance, and choosing the right product is crucial.

The best rose bush fertilizer will provide your plants with nitrogen and potassium, strengthening them against weather changes and pests.

Types of Rose Bush Fertilizer

Fertilizer has four types, each of which works differently.


There is no need to replenish as often when you use granular fertilizer, since it is slower to activate. Granular fertilizer is sprinkled over the soil and mixed in. Granular fertilizer has the consistency of sand. 


It works like laundry detergent. Mix it with water before applying it to the soil. Its liquid nature means that it works faster to enrich plants, but it must be replenished more frequently, around twice a month. For grounds that receive heavy rain, liquid fertilizer will not be able to be absorbed by the soil.


It is important not to overspray the leaves of your rose bush, as this could lead to fungal infections. Spray fertilizers come in a spray bottle, and the solution is sprayed on the leaves, not the soil.


These spike-like pellets are inserted into the soil by hand, where they slowly dissolve and release vital nutrients over several weeks. Some gardeners dig holes before inserting the spikes to avoid breaking them.

What is NPK?

A rosh bush fertilizer’s NPK value is measured by its concentration of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. The three numbers are nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K, from the periodic table). 

If your soil is sandy, you may need a rose bush fertilizer with a higher K-value if you have a potassium deficiency. 

It is important to use a fertilizer that is high in phosphorus when growing roses, because this helps to produce vibrant blooms.

The 6 Best Fish Fertilizers for Roses

Now let’s get to the main event: some of the best rose bush fertilizers.

1. Dr. Earth Total Advantage Organic Rose & Flower Fertilizer 

Dr. Earth Total Advantage Organic Rose & Flower Fertilizer

The only fertilizer on the market that’s 100% non-GMO and has multiple organic certifications is Dr. Earth. That means you don’t have to worry about what’s going into your garden. There are no toxic chemicals that can harm plants and wildlife or leak into water supplies. 

The formula contains alfalfa, cottonseed, and seaweed extracts, which combine to create a multimineral, protein-enriched formula that is released into the soil quickly. Dr. Earth is the best rose bush fertilizer for growing perennials, ensuring they have consistently fertile soil year after year. It enhances the soil and plants over several growing seasons. 

The result is vibrant buds and blooms that produce brilliantly colored roses.

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2. Espoma Rose-Tone Organic Rose Plant Food

Espoma Rose-Tone Organic Rose Plant Food

It is important to know what chemicals you put into your garden if you own a pet. Dogs love to sniff and eat anything they can get their hands on, and we all know what happened to the cat. 

Your rose bush fertilizer should not be toxic to your pets if you have them roaming outside near your garden. Espoma Rose-Tone Organic Rose Plant Food is an excellent choice. Aside from being 100% natural and organic, Espoma is enhanced with bio-tone microbes that provide fertile soil for your roses. This brand is regularly recommended by professional rose growers who use it to produce prize-winning blooms. 

It’s also safe for people and pets, so let your dog and cat run free without having to worry about soil contact. Now, how to keep them away from rose thorns is another topic altogether. 

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3. Hi-Yield Rose Fertilizer

Hi-Yield Rose Fertilizer

If you want to grow the largest and most vibrant blooms in your garden, then you want a rose bush fertilizer that will give your bulbs the best chance of success. In addition to phosphorus, Hi-Yield Rose Fertilizer has a very high NPK value for the element. As mentioned above, phosphorus is crucial to producing large blooms. 

The Hi-Yield proprietary formula is formulated with nutrients specifically designed to create large blooms and strong stems that can withstand the weight. It encourages the bulb to grow big and tall. Make sure to cultivate and prune your rose bushes to ensure that nothing stymies their growth. It lasts for a long time, so you only need to feed it once per month. One cup should be enough per bush. 

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4. Dr. Earth Organic & Natural Root Zone Starter Fertilizer

Dr. Earth Organic & Natural Root Zone Starter Fertilizer

It is necessary for all of us to start somewhere. If you are new to growing roses, you want to give your seedlings the best chance of success. Dr. Earth’s Root Zone fertilizer helps new bulbs and seeds survive the transfer from the container to the ground. 

With its dialed back NPK value, it won’t over-saturate and over-stimulate your new buds. You’re not Vin Diesel. You don’t want to add nutrients too quickly for new plants. This could stifle their growth or even prevent them from surviving. 

These products are organic and non-GMO, using only nutrients found in plants and minerals mined from the earth. 

Its TruBiotic microbes ensure nutrients are broken down in such a way that roots are able to absorb them properly. By caring specifically for the roots, it strengthens your fledging roses, ensuring they are strong enough to be transplanted into your garden bed. 

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5. FoxFarm Organic Big Bloom Liquid Plant Food Concentrate

FoxFarm Organic Big Bloom Liquid Plant Food Concentrate

The FoxFarm Organic Big Bloom Liquid Plant Food Concentrate is a great solution if you have trouble growing roses and need a fast-acting solution. 

The signature concentrate from FoxFarm is made of organic ingredients. It’s actually a blend of different fertilizers that’ll support a wide variety of rose blooms and seed formations. With FoxFarm, you can use it at any stage of rose bush growth and any age of bush. Simply add a little bit to your watering can to distribute evenly across all your roses. 

The FoxFarm also uses bat guano, one of the world’s oldest fertilizers. For thousands of years, bat guano has proven to be nature’s perfect fertilizer. Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls fans know this. 

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6. Monterey Fish and Guano Liquid Fertilizer

Monterey Fish and Guano Liquid Fertilizer

With climate volatility increasing, it can be difficult to predict how your roses will perform each year, especially if you live in an area where roses are not suited to grow. You might want to consider a fertilizer that works overtime to keep your soil healthy if you live in a region with greater weather swings. Roses can survive bad weather with nutrient-rich soil.

Applied in the early morning or late afternoon, Monterey Fish and Guano Fertilizer can provide a steady stream of nutrients to your rose bushes. 

It contains natural products, but it isn’t technically certified organic. Avoid using near a water supply and avoid applying after a heavy rain. A Monterey mixture of nutrients can provide your roses with the balm they need to survive a difficult season and come out of the other end with full, magnificent blooms. 

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Final Word on the Best Fish Fertilizers for Roses

The choice of rose bush fertilizers has never been greater, but we think Dr. Earth’s Total Advantage provides the best overall care for your roses while also protecting the environment. Visit our Rose Bush Maintenance reference page to learn more about caring for rose bushes.

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