The Best Foot Walking Canes: Top 10 Brand

The following is a review of the best foot walking canes for 2022.

Using a cane can improve your balance and help you compensate for an injury or disability. But how do you choose the best cane for you?

You may be choosing a cane for yourself or one of your parents or inlaws? I was in that situation when I had to provide my parents with support for daily activities.

While canes are not always the most aesthetically pleasing devices, they can provide you with safety when walking.

In our opinion, HurryCane Freedom Edition is the best cane for giving you confidence in everyday life.

This year’s best canes for stability, safety, and style were selected after scouting the market, reading manuals, and reviewing reviews.

Let’s begin.

10 Best Foot Walking Canes Reviews

To help with your stability problems in daily activities, we’ve compiled a list of the best foot walking canes we’ve found.

1. HurryCane Freedom Edition

HurryCane Freedom Edition

One of the top-selling canes on Amazon is the HurryCane Freedom Edition.

You can add a softer accessory handle to the existing handle (HurryCane Heavenly Handle) so that it fits over the existing handle. The handle is ergonomic, but hard rubber, which is not as comfortable as it could be. It makes the original handle wider for a more comfortable grip and gives your hands more rest.

The pivoting base is designed to keep the legs locked to the ground, while allowing flexibility when walking on uneven or rough ground.

It is important to note that the base of the cane is relatively small, so it can generally stand on its own on a flat, hard surface, rather than a soft carpet. Many people have commented that this cane cannot stand by itself. Therefore, if you have issues kneeling or picking up items, you may not be best served by the HurryCane. 

A wrist wrap prevents your cane from falling when you need to use both hands at the same time. This cane weighs around 1 pound and has an adjustable height range of 30.5 to 37.5 inches.

In addition to folding up into three segments to make it easy to transport and travel with, a travel bag is included. It is light, easy to handle, you can adjust the height, and it is affordable. All in all, it is versatile. The Cane claims to be all-terrain, and it certainly lives up to that description.

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2. DMI Deluxe Lightweight Adjustable Walking Cane

DMI Deluxe Lightweight Adjustable Walking Cane

With an offset handle, DMI Deluxe distributes your weight evenly along the shaft. 

This grip is made of hard plastic with ergonomic ridges, which might be a bit tough on your hands. However, the ridges prevent your hands from slipping off, and the hard plastic is easy to clean.

A small key ring attaches the wrist strap to the handle. There is a rubber tip at the bottom to prevent it from sliding. With a snap adjustment button, the cane can be adjusted from 30 to 39 inches in 1-inch increments.

The DMI Deluxe is a durable cane for a reasonable price. It is cheap enough to buy an extra one to keep in the car, bathroom, or bedroom. 

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3. Nova Medical Products Orthopedic Cane

Nova Medical Products Orthopedic CaneB00BB64V9S

This ergonomic-style Orthopedic Cane from Nova Medical Products relieves fatigue and pressure on your hands. It distributes pressure evenly across the palm, which makes it easier to use for longer periods of time.

You don’t drop it so much since it sits in your hand. A great grip design for people who walk a lot and have symptoms or weakness in their hands or wrists.

You can order the grip in either right or left hand, so make sure you order the correct one!

It adjusts from 29.75″ to 38.75″ for users with approximate heights of 4’11” to 6’4″. Nova is lightweight but sturdy.

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4. Asterom Handmade Wooden Walking Cane

Asterom Handmade Wooden Walking Cane

There are raving reviews on Amazon about the quality of the Asterom Handmade Wooden Walking Cane. It is handcrafted from solid oak, has a Derby handle, and no headpiece.

Despite its stylish appearance, most people find the handle to be comfortable. This cane is suitable for both men and women. It is possible to separate the shaft from the handle. The shaft is connected to the handle with a long screw.

The rubber tip can be replaced with any other 7/8″ tip (including a quad cane tip). It is possible to shorten the cane, however, no products were found.

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5. Hugo Adjustable Quad Cane

Hugo Adjustable Quad Cane

For right- or left-handed use, the Hugo Adjustable Quad Cane can be turned 180 degrees to change hands. It provides additional traction on hardwood, tile, and sand surfaces, as well as on uneven surfaces.

Even more stability and support are provided by the offset handle. The grip is not so easy to replace on this cane. Most reviews share that the grip is good, but the option to change the grip would be ideal because hand comfort is always a personal preference. 

This Hugo cane has 11 height settings and can be adjusted from 30′′ to 39′′, making it ideal for users from 5′ to 6’4′′ tall. This is the best cane to use if you have balance issues.

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6. DMI Adjustable Designer Cane with Offset Handle

DMI Adjustable Designer Cane with Offset Handle

This adjustable designer cane has an offset handle with foam grip and an easy on/off strap. By spreading bodyweight evenly, the handle relieves pressure on joints and wrists.

The product is ideal for seniors with moderate mobility issues. The adjustable length ranges from 30″ to 39″ in 1″ increments, but is extremely light and tough.

Anodized aluminum DMI Canes come in a variety of colors, with a large selection of patterns to choose from.

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7. HealthSmart Folding Walking Cane

HealthSmart Folding Walking Cane

A small storage sleeve can be used to store the HealthSmart Folding Walking Cane. It’s perfect if you don’t need a cane all the time but want to carry it around in case you need it. If you prefer, you can carry it around in a shoulder bag. For storage, it fits easily into a dresser drawer.

It features an ergonomically shaped soft gel grip and a wrist strap for comfort during prolonged use. Reviewers have noted that it is difficult to adjust because the button is difficult to push in. Also, if you are quite short, this cane may not be suitable.

In addition, a folding cane might make a “clacking” noise when it touches the ground. A locking ring should prevent this, but be careful when tightening it as well.

Overall, this HealthSmart cane can be easily folded up and taken wherever you go, and still provides you with enough support for short walks.

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8. BigAlex Folding Walking Cane with LED Light

BigAlex Folding Walking Cane with LED Light

There are two special features of the BigAlex Folding Walking Cane with LED Light.

It comes in two sizes, small and large, both of which are adjustable with five height levels:

  • In the smaller size, it fits people between 4’10” and 5’8″ (147 to 175 cm).
  • The larger one goes from 33 inches to 38 inches. It should fit people between 5’5 inches and 6’3 inches (167 to 190 centimeters).

As a second feature, the cane has a light that illuminates the area where you are headed, preventing falls and identifying potential hazards. If you get up in the middle of the night, the light is there to help you. Despite being bright and beneficial, reviews say that the light may break if the cane falls. It also cannot be replaced because the light is built into the handle.

Additionally, the base is a small multi-pad base with a pivoting leg. It can handle all terrain, even on sand, which is important when traveling. Traveling with BigAlex cane is easy: it is lightweight, folds into a small space, and has a built-in light for nighttime use.

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9. Nova Heavy Duty Walking Cane with Offset Handle

Nova Heavy Duty Walking Cane with Offset Handle

With a huge weight capacity, the Nova Heavy Duty Walking Cane with Offset Handle is a sturdy cane. With an adjustable height range between 30” and 39”, it’s suitable for users who are 4’11” – 6’4′′ (150 – 193 cm) in height. It’s one of the most adjustable canes on the market.

The locking knob provides additional safety and prevents cane rattles. Handle offset with soft foam grip is comfortable on the wrist. 

Aside from the basic black and silver, it is also available in surprisingly stylish colors and patterns. The grip slides off and around the handle in few reviews, but Nova Heavy Duty Cane gets fantastic reviews. 

Among the best canes, the Nova cane is a highly rated one. If you prefer a heavy-duty cane, this one is a great option.

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10. Drive Medical Folding Adjustable Cane Seat

Drive Medical Folding Adjustable Cane Seat

The Drive Medical Seat Cane converts from a walking cane to a three-legged stool in just a few seconds. 

It has a 250-pound weight capacity, which is slightly lower than traditional canes, and its seat can only accommodate 9 inches in diameter, so larger users will not be able to use it.

If it’s big enough, you’ll be able to rest anywhere where there isn’t always seating.  As this Drive Medical seat cane requires a certain amount of physical conditioning, it is perfect for elderly people who are reasonably fit.

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How To Choose The Best Walking Cane

Walking canes probably never occurred to you until you needed one. It wasn’t until you actually had to buy one that you realized just how much you didn’t know about them. 

There are several factors to consider when choosing the best cane.

What to Look for in a Walking Cane

  • Choose the right cane that offers you the right amount of support without being too heavy or clumsy. Your physician can help you determine how much stability you need.
  • It is important to choose a cane that is durable and lightweight at the same time.
  • It should be comfortable to grip the cane if you use it all the time to prevent symptoms on your hands.

Good to Know

You can customize the handle of the cane. It can be shaped anatomically so that it can only be used with either the right or left hand. You can also carry around collapsible walking sticks if you don’t need a walking cane all the time. Despite being stronger and standing on their own, three- or four-point canes are heavier and take up more space. Check your cane’s condition regularly, especially its rubber tip. Replace it if necessary.

Types of Canes

Many types of canes exist, each tailored to suit specific needs. And they can be categorized in many ways.

A cane might have an offset handle, quad-tips, and even foldable features depending on the brand.


As a first step, let’s examine some of the most common types of handles.

Hook Handle

With a hook-shaped handle, you can rest the cane on your arm when it’s not in use, just like a shepherd’s crook. 

Offset Handle

As a result of the handle’s unique angle, it is best suited to people with wrist problems or who cannot grip their canes properly.

Orthopedic Handle

With the handle’s design, pressure is evenly distributed on the palm, which reduces wrist stress.

Handles are mainly a matter of personal preference. An orthopedic handle is usually recommended by a physician as it provides more support.

Ergonomics of a grip

The grip of the cane can be thin, thick, padded, firm, T-shaped, L-shaped, or rounded. Choice of grip depends on individual preferences. 

It is essential to have a good grip if you have hand arthritis. If you use your cane regularly, go for a soft foam grip. 

Those with arthritis or chronic joint pain probably prefer a larger grip if their fingers are difficult to grasp.

Physical therapists can help you find the perfect grip for your situation.

Replacement grips are easily available on Amazon.

Tip of the Cane

Next, let’s examine the tips on the other end of the cane. These are the most common types.

Single tip

You should make sure that the rubber on the tip is sticky to prevent it from slipping on hard surfaces. If the rubber gets old, it may start to slide.

Make sure you check the tips often and replace them if they look worn.

Carex Cane Ice Tips with pivoting tips that you can remove inside are a good idea in cold climates.

Quad tip

It’s stable, so weak or shaky people often prefer quad-tip canes. Quad canes stand on their own.

A cane shaft offset to one side prevents your toes from bumping against the tips and causing you to fall while walking.

If you want to walk fast with a quad cane, the base is hard to move with your walking, so the movement doesn’t flow as smoothly as with a single tip cane. 

The quad cane is best for people who walk slowly and deliberately, as you can place it in its place and it will support you. You can learn more about quad canes here.


The triangle cane is an intermediate form between a single point cane and a quad cane, with three points of contact instead of four. Hurrycane is well-known for its triangle canes.

In general, a triangle can stand on its own on hard surfaces, but not on soft carpets. It is not as sturdy as a quad cane. 

Other options

Folding Canes

You can take folding canes on a plane, train, or car with ease because they can be folded up and stored away.

Also, if you use your cane too often or do not have much room in your home, you may want to consider this option.

Seat Canes

The seat cane is a folding cane with a small seat on top. It can be used as a walking cane when closed or as a seat when opened.

Fashionable Canes

Fashion canes can be found to match both your style and physical needs. You can find antique-style wooden canes with knob handles, for example.

The canes might not be appropriate if you have an injury. In these circumstances, you would require more stability and balance.

There are a lot of color and pattern options available for orthopedic canes made from aluminum, so you won’t have to sacrifice style.

Hemi Walker

This cane is designed for slow, deliberate steps. It is very stable and safe to lean on, making it the perfect aid for people who need extra support.

The extra stability might be helpful if your other leg or arm is so weak that you lean to one side. For example, if you have a stroke, you might still be able to move and stand with this extra stability.


Getting a hand loop for the cane will allow you to hold it without bending over to pick it up from the ground.

You can use a walking stick with a light at night to stay safe.

Amazon offers walking cane accessories.

Adjust the Height of a Cane

You can easily adjust the height of a walking cane:

  • Maintain a normal posture while standing tall.
  • Hang your hand straight down.
  • Place the cane beside you.
  • The handle should be lined up with the wrist crease.
  • The height of a cane can be adjusted by pressing the locking pins in and twisting them until they are at the desired height. 
  • Depending on how much you lean on it, fine-tune the inch up or down.

Too low or too high a cane can cause you to lean forward and cause extra pressure on your body.

Which Hand Should You Hold the Cane?

Your cane should be held on the opposite side of your weaker leg, and you should move it in sync with your affected leg. 

When you step forward with your affected leg, move your cane as well. Keep your cane in place when you step forward with your unaffected leg.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price range of canes?

A wooden cane costs less than an aluminum cane. Aluminum canes cost between $20 and $50, depending on the model and features.

What proportion of your weight should the cane support?

A cane can support around 25% of your weight.

How much weight can a cane hold?

The weight of your cane doesn’t need to be all of your weight, as they add an extra point of contact to provide stability and support. The weight of your cane usually ranges between 220 and 500 pounds depending on the type of cane.

How much do the canes typically weigh?

A weight range of 0.5 to 2,2 pounds (250 to 1000 grams)

What is the typical length of a walking cane?

A cane’s height is usually adjustable between 28 and 37 inches (75 and 95 centimeters). 

This is suitable for users with heights between 4’9″ and 6’5″ (145 – 195 cm).

Canes are used for many reasons, but what is the main reason for using one?

A foot or leg injury. Mild balance problems. Knee and hip pain, especially on one side. 

How does a cane differ from a walking stick?

The cane handle is usually bent or curved so the user can lean on it. Canes are assistive mobility devices designed to assist with stability and support issues.

These sticks are used to give stability to hikers who need support on uneven terrain. They generally have a vertical handle, and are taller, since they are not intended to support your weight.

Is it possible to use a walking stick instead of a cane?

The use of walking sticks is usually insufficient for users who require more support. 

Sticks can relieve some shoulder pressure, so it might be better if you don’t need a lot of support. 

Try them out and see what you prefer.

Can I take a walking cane on the flight?

The majority of airlines allow you to bring mobility devices into the cabin, such as a walking cane.

The Verdicts

The HurryCane Freedom Edition is the best walking cane for daily use, whether you want one for yourself or for someone close to you.

If you want to find out how to choose the best foot walking cane for your unique needs, you should consult a physician. This way, you can be sure that you will make the right choice. 

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