10 Best Gaming Desk for Small Room of 2022

As an expansive bay window with a picturesque view of the ocean represents a peak-performance, high-resolution gaming monitor, a gaming desk represents the beach house by the sea. A fortified castle protects an exquisite gilded gaming throne owned by the king or queen. If a gamer’s shield and sword are their ergonomic keyboard and fast-acting gaming mouse, then a gaming desk is their kingdom they would gladly fight and die for.

The best gaming desk for small spaces need not be a life or death-matter. Maybe avoid Black Friday rushes, since some people have died in them.

Our Top Picks for the Best Gaming Desks for Small Room

1. Modern Sturdy Home/Office Desk by Coleshome

Modern Sturdy Home/Office Desk by Coleshome

This is a popular trend right now, minimalist, monochromatic interior design. I get why, functional furniture without flair pairs well with plants and art pieces, as well as wooden bowls filled with wicker balls.

The Modern Sturdy Home/Office Desk by Coleshome is perfect if you want nothing more than a spacious raised platform to place all your gaming gear on.

This table comes with a wide surface, four legs, and your choice of a few different colors. Essentially, we’re looking at a high rise table.

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2. Monarch Specialties Hollow Core Desk

Monarch Specialties Hollow Core Desk

Monarch Specialties Hollow Core Desks could be viewed as evolved versions of the desks above. The piece has an understated design, clean and simple function, and extra working space. It is available in a variety of corporate-friendly colors.

This desk functions well both as a gaming nook and as a home office setup thanks to three drawers on the left side.

It might be because the legs on this one are shiny chrome, like a polished cyborg runway model, that this one costs $250 more than the last choice.

My gaming desk is scratch resistant, so maybe I should stop playing five finger fillet on it. It is still a solid choice that will last for years to come despite this factor.

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3. VIT T-Shaped Gamer Table Pro

VIT T-Shaped Gamer Table Pro

VIT’s T-Shaped Gamer Table Pro recognizes what separates regular home office furniture from legit gaming desks: Features on features.

A four-port charging tower with a few current games for powering your devices; a convenient little hook on the underside for hanging your crystal-lush gaming headphones recommended by Gamingtoptens.com; a sturdy cup holder on the side to hold my first person shooter juice; back end grommets to contain stray wires, and a waterproof full-cover mousepad for no interruption to tracking.

The T-shape refers to the sturdy legs on the desk that can withstand a significant amount of kicking, if that’s your thing.

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4. Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk

Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk

This desk is unique in that its surface is one big microfiber water-resistant mousepad. You might say, “hey, wasn’t the last choice the same?””

The Arozzi version, however, feels thicker and cuddlier, as if it were made just for you. This is great, since Arozzi’s mission is to provide the perfect desk for competitive gaming tournaments.

This desk and mat come in a wide variety of colors including red, blue, green, white, and black.

The ergonomic curvy design stays consistent with the needs of the competitive gamer, and its three piece surface components make it easy to build and collapsible for transport. One of the few desks on this list that is compatible with a triple-screen setup is this one, thanks to its sturdy frame.

It is worth a higher recommendation since it really does set the standard for modern gaming desks, but its price is unjustifiably high.

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5. Mr. Ironstone Gaming Desk

The Mr. Ironstone Gaming Desk is very compact, incorporating many of the advantages of previous desks with a smaller surface area. This model attracted me because it combines many of the clever attachments found on the VIT desk with ergonomic inspiration from the Arozzi design.

There is ample room for essentials, along with a detachable cup holder, back corner holes for cable management, and a bracket on the front to hang headphones.

The R-frame legs look cool, but their load bearing capacity is weaker than other desks on the list. Still, a dual-screen monitor, computer tower, and any other gaming equipment will be fine on this desk.

It is unlikely that you will find a more reliable friend than Mr. Ironstone if you want a compact command center with some useful additions.

6. Sedeta Gaming Desk

Sedeta Gaming Desk

It bothers me, even though this 47″ Sedeta Gaming Desk and Mr. Ironstone both feature the same frame design, R-shaped. Personally, I don’t think it looks like either letter.

You should not let this complaint deter you, because I am extremely enthusiastic about how much this desk accomplishes with the smallest amount of surface area. This space optimization largely owes to the raised monitor platform that frees up space on the desk and potentially promotes good posture by having to look up a bit while gaming.

This cozy desk offers more than enough features to justify its position on our list despite its undersized raised platform, making dual-screening a bit tricky.

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7. Z-Line Designs Cyrus Workspace

Z-Line Designs Cyrus Workspace

As with the Z-Line Designs Cyrus Workspace, the letter designation does not correspond to the actual design.

It really irks me when people disrespect the alphabet in such a flagrant manner.

In any case, we recommend this workspace if you’re looking for a space that’s both attractive for business and pleasure. It includes a slide out keyboard platform, a hard glass workstation, a raised stage for dual monitor capabilities, as well as a base below decks ideal for your computer tower or a heater to keep your toes toasty.

There are five wheels underneath the desk, making it very maneuverable despite its bulk. It’s tallest on our list, but it’s only 4 feet long.

There’s also an official term for those rolly wheels at the bottom of things: casters. It’s not fun, but it’s true.

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8. Origami Folding Computer Desk

Origami Folding Computer Desk

Its folding mechanism makes me ridiculously excited, as does the video on how to fold it, making the Origami Folding Computer Desk my personal favorite.

In the video, the lady demonstrates how easy it is to set up, though I do wonder why she wears flip flops at home. I get that barefoot is too informal for a product video, but why not slippers or fuzzy socks? Anyone who wears flip flops for too long knows how dangerous it can be to rub between your toes.

Despite the folding magic of the Origami desk, it expands to two levels of usable surface area at an unbelievable price.

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9. Atlantic Gaming Desk

Atlantic Gaming Desk

This desk’s scaffolding motif reinforces the desk’s dedication to supporting space-constrained gamers visually.

The desk is decked out in wireframe accessories, including two speaker nests on the side, a controller tower, a charging station, a cup holder, and a rolling drawer for small items.

Although it has all these features, it is also one of the lightest and smallest gaming desks on this list, and it is also one of the least expensive.

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10. Eureka Ergonomic Z1-S Gaming Desk

Eureka Ergonomic Z1-S Gaming Desk

The Eureka Ergonomic Z1-S Gaming Desk, our top pick, appears to have been salvaged from a crashed UFO that at one point vaporized intergalactic space pirates.

In terms of functionality, it has all the standard whizbang attachments: a controller stand, a cupholder, grommets, mousepad, etc. In addition to the aqua blue LED lighting that shoots out from the sides, the ergonomic keyboard platform tilt, and the carbon fiber texture of the desk, this desk achieves mastery level recognition.

The final touch that won me over was that the Eureka Z1-S frame actually resembles the letter Z. I cannot stress enough how important this is, and it’s all under $250.

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Final thoughts

In terms of gaming desks for small spaces, there are dozens of options out there, and we at Gamingtoptens.com are happy to help you sort through them. You can find a list of compatible chairs, monitors, and gaming tech at the links in the intro.

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