10 Best Shipping Label Printers in 2022

When you’re shipping your products, you need a printer that can handle the job. There are many different types of printers out there, and some are better than others for shipping labels. In this post, we’ll recommend the best shipping label printer for your needs. We’ll also explain the different types of labels that you can print, and give you some tips on how to choose the right printer for your needs. Ready to get started? Let’s get started!

10 Best Shipping Label Printer Reviews:

1. Bluetooth Thermal Shipping Label Printer

Bluetooth Thermal Shipping Label Printer

A label printer is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to print labels. Available at a price point that’s affordable for both small business owners and consumers, the Bluetooth thermal label printer from Brand: Bluetooth Thermal Shipping Label Printer is perfect for any home or office.

With its high-quality 203 DPI printing, easy-to-use controls, and extra 50 sheets of labels included, you’ll be able to effortlessly print labels on both fanfold and roll materials. Plus, because it works with both fanfold and roll labels, you’ll be able to maximize your labeling efficiency without sacrificing quality or safety. Plus, since it uses magnetic paper instead of ink or toner cartridges, it’s environmentally friendly too!


  • Bluetooth thermal label printer
  • 203 DPI printing resolution
  • Easy-to-use controls
  • 50 sheets of extra labels included

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2. iDPRT SP410 Thermal Shipping Label Printer

iDPRT SP410 Thermal Shipping Label Printer

Without any effort, iDPRT SP410 Thermal Shipping Label Printer can enable you to print labels on-site without ink or ribbon. It is compatible with eBay, Amazon, Shopify and other e-commerce platforms. In addition, it can also be used for transportation logistics by UPS and USPS. Its compact form factor makes it a convenient printer option for home use too!

With iDPRT SP410 Thermal Shipping Label Printer, choose from many preloaded styles like barcodes and QR codes to print out labels at home or in the office without any hassle!

No need to switch over to a different printer every time you need labels when you have the brand new iDPRT SP410 Thermal Shipping Label Printer by your side.

It’s no secret that printing labels is a costly endeavor; that’s why we offer affordable pricing for this desktop label printer so everyone can afford its reliable services. From small businesses and startups to large enterprises that require label printing services on multiple devices, the iDPRT SP410 Thermal Shipping Label Printer has your back.


  • Compact form factor for easy portability
  • Prints labels on-site without ink or ribbon
  • Works with eBay, Amazon, Shopify and other e-commerce platforms
  • Can be used for transportation logistics by UPS and USPS
  • Available in a variety of preloaded styles

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3. POLONO PL60 4×6 Label Printer

POLONO PL60 4x6 Label Printer

Magnificent 4×6 Label Printer from POLONO! This label printing machine is a perfect partner for your shipping needs. It can print labels up to 5.9 inches/s (150mm/s) in speed and has an output of 72 labels per minute, reducing unnecessary time wastage.

The thermal printer is compatible with all major shipping platforms including FedEx, USPS, DHL, Amazon, etc. Please download the driver from the official website for installation on your operating system

Reduced printing costs and more accurate labeling with this high-speed label printer from POLONo! The product is durable and built to last – you can even use it in industrial applications where accuracy and performance are crucial.

With its compact size, you won’t find it taking up valuable space in your warehouse or shipping room. And thanks to its compatibility with all major e-commerce platforms like Etsy and Shopify, you can be sure that this label printer will be up-and-running before long!


  • Thermal printer
  • 5.9 inches/s (150mm/s) printing speed
  • 72 labels per minute
  • Compatible with all major shipping platforms
  • Compact size

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4. JIOSE Thermal Label Printer

JIOSE Thermal Label Printer

When it comes to shipping labels, Jiose is the go-to brand. Not only are their products compatible with a wide range of operating systems and devices, but they also offer labels that are reliable and long-lasting. Their USPS shipping label printer is one such product that delivers on both counts.

With a speed of 86 labels per minute and a high 203 dpi resolution, you can rely on Jiose’s label printing solutions for accurate and durable printouts. Moreover, their USPS shipping label printer features auto cutter function that accurately captures the first label before moving on to the next one in line.


  • 86 labels per minute
  • 203 dpi resolution
  • Auto cutter function
  • Compatible with a wide range of devices and operating systems

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5. OFFNOVA Thermal Label Printer

OFFNOVA Thermal Label Printer, 200mm/s High Speed 4' x 6' USB Shipping Label Printer for Small Business, 203 DPI Commercial Grade, Compatible with Mac OS, Windows, USPS, UPS and More

OFFNOVA is the new name of a brand that has etched its niche in the market for printing labels quickly and efficiently. Its entry-level thermal label printer brings great value for money and delivers accurate information about your packages, without any ink or ribbons.

It also comes with a free label holder and 30 sheets of 4 x 6 logistic labels so you can print out the required labels quickly. Plus, it’s compatible with Windows & Mac OS via USB cable connected which is really convenient.

This printer is perfect for everyone from small business to large enterprises who want to save costs by printing labels instead of using ribbons/ink cartridges.


  • Compact, lightweight design
  • Quick and accurate printing of labels
  • Compatible with Windows & Mac OS via USB cable connected
  • Protective cover included

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6. K Comer Thermal Label Printer

K Comer Thermal Label Printer

K Comer thermal label printer is the perfect choice for any lettering or labeling project. Print labels up to 4×6 inches on this durable, reliable machine that uses direct- Thermal technology to get print results without ink.

And with K COMER’s software for Windows and Mac, you can easily create professional labels in minutes. So whether you’re labeling boxes of cereal or packing bottles of shampoo, the K COMER thermal label printer is an ideal choice for high-quality print results.


  • Prints labels up to 4×6 inches
  • Direct Thermal technology prints without ink
  • Windows and Mac software for easy label creation
  • Durable and reliable

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7. POLONO PL420 4×6 Thermal Printer

POLONO PL420 4x6 Thermal Printer

Use the 4×6 thermal label printer to print labels quickly & clearly from Windows and Mac. Ideal for multiple areas including retailing, inventory, warehousing, transportation, etc., this printer is compatible with a variety of shipping and e-commerce platforms.

Its accurate print speeds allow you to print up to 72 labels per minute (150mm/s). In addition, it uses advanced TSP technology that produces clear images on your label. Plus, the printer has a large media area that can handle labels of any size.


  • Compatible with Windows and Mac
  • Accurate print speeds of 72 labels per minute (150mm/s)
  • Uses advanced TSP technology to produce clear images on your label
  • Large media area that can handle labels of any size

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8. K Comer Shipping Label Printer

K Comer Shipping Label Printer

It’s a long-established fact that you get what you pay for. And so do we. As the leading manufacturer of barcode label printers, we make sure that our products are suitable for any kind of business environment and budget. From small mom-and-pop operations to large corporations, we have a device to suit everyone’s needs.

Driven by innovation and superior quality, our label printers deliver outstanding results every time. With SUSPENDED THERMAL TECHNOLOGY, high-resolution output, and state-of-the art printing technology, your labels will always be accurate and legible. And because we’re committed to making life easier for business owners everywhere, we offer a complete range of accessories to ensure that your new device is up and running in no time at all.


  • Versatile barcode label printer that is suitable for any kind of business
  • Advanced printing technology delivers accurate and legible labels every time
  • SUSPENDED THERMAL TECHNOLOGY ensures precise temperature control for consistent results
  • Offers a complete range of accessories to make your label printing experience easier

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9. JADENS Thermal Shipping Label Printer

JADENS Thermal Shipping Label Printer

We all know that making a great impression is essential in business. Whether you’re on Amazon or Etsy, brand recognition is key to successful growth. With JADENS Thermal Shipping Label Printer, you can print professional-looking labels right on your desktop! 

Great for small businesses and personal use alike, this label printer is a must-have addition to any home office.

Compatible with Windows 8 and Mac OS X 10.9 or later, it’s easy to use and works with most platforms like eBay, Amazon, Etsy, Pirateship, Endicia and ShipStation. With auto calibration technology ensuring consistent results every time, there’s no need to worry about label quality when using this shipping label printer!

Order today and get the peace of mind that comes from knowing your printed labels are error-free and professional! Plus we’ve got your back: if anything should go wrong we’ll happily replace it for free!


  • Prints professional-looking labels on your desktop
  • Compatible with Windows 8 and Mac OS X 10.9 or later
  • Auto calibration technology ensures consistent results every time
  • Works with most platforms like eBay, Amazon, Etsy, Pirateship, Endicia and ShipStation

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10. Phomemo Pink Label Printer

Phomemo Pink Label Printer

For all the small business owners out there, it’s time to upgrade your label printer to something that is more durable and efficient. Phomemo pink thermal label printer is here to help you save money and increase productivity during your busy day.

The upgraded ceramic semiconductor print head provides clearer printing and Eco-friendly ink, so you can be sure of accurate labels every time.

Designed for smaller businesses, Phomemo label printer is easy to use and compatible with major transportation platforms such as USPS, Shopify, UPS etc. Widely used in manufacturing industries too! Pink color gives a classy look to your brand making it stand out from the crowd. Order one today!


  • Advanced ceramic print head for clear printing
  • Eco-friendly ink offers long lasting performance
  • Compatible with major transportation platforms, such as USPS, Shopify, UPS etc.
  • Widely used in manufacturing industries too!

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What to Look for When Buying a Shipping Label Printer

When you are looking to buy a shipping label printer, there are a few things that you should consider. Here are some important factors include:


The price of a shipping label printer should be relatively lower than other printers. This is because the printing process is simplified, and the machine does not require a lot of features or hardware that may be more expensive.

Print Speed

Since shipping labels need to be printed quickly, it is important to buy a shipping label printer with high print speed. Some models have speeds as fast as 80 pages per minute.

Output Formatting Capabilities

A good shipping label printer should also support various output formatting capabilities such as font types and sizes, line spacing, and margins. This will ensure that your labels are formatted the way that you want them to be.

Customizable Settings

It is also important to buy a shipping label printer that allows you to customize the settings in order to achieve the desired outcome. This will allow you more control over how your labels are printed, which is essential when making custom shipping arrangements.


Well, there you have it. We put together an unbiased guide to help you determine what’s the best printer for your shipping labels needs. However, make sure to use a product that doesn’t use toxic chemicals in its printing process and has eco-friendly features so as to minimize harm on the environment.

Also, don’t forget to opt for printers which offer easy customization options in terms of font style and layout along with other graphic assets like photos or logos. After all, it is necessary when labeling products that are going out into large numbers!

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