Help stop House Bill 94 from tearing down NCs environment


House Bill 94 is chock full of bad legislation that would overhaul some of North Carolina’s important environmental protections.

One of the worst provisions would allow fracking companies to hide the names of the toxic chemicals they are pumping into the ground by calling them a trade secret. (You can learn more about fracking HERE.)

H94 would also:

• Allow polluters to contaminate groundwater right up to your property line and not tell you until AFTER it happens and when its TOO LATE.

• Eliminate the Mountain Resources Commission, which was established in 2008, to take care of our natural resources to enhance and sustain quality of life and ensure the long term health of our region and our people. (This commission, by the way ISNT EVEN FUNDED BY THE STATE.)

H94 may be coming up for a vote tomorrow (July 10) in the state House and we need your help to stop this bill!

Click HERE to send a message to your state representative

and Gov. Pat McCrory urging them to oppose H94.

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