Legislative Updates


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City of Asheville water system issue and legislation

Members of the NCGA have signaled their intention to introduce legislation in early 2013 that would force the city of Asheville to turn over not only its water distribution system, but control of its pristine 20,000 acre watershed, to the Metropolitan Sewerage District of Buncombe County (MSD). Indications are that the city of Asheville will likely receive no compensation for the taking of these assets.

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WNCA participates in All Three for NC voter education campaign


All Three for NC: Western North Carolina businesses depend on clean air and clean water. Take a look at ads from an ongoing regional campaign to encourage voters to contact their representatives and do whats good for businesses and support All Three for NC Clean Air, Clean Water, Good Jobs.

All Three for NC 1

All Three for NC 2

All Three for NC 3

All Three for NC