Public Lands


Protecting Public Lands

WNCA engages citizens in safeguarding the treasures of our public lands, including wildlife, old growth forests, and rare ecosystems. We believe public lands are the greatest assets of our region. We also believe that management of these lands should maintain and restore their ecological integrity and promote recreational opportunities.

Here are a few examples of what WNCA is doing on behalf of our public forests:

  • We engage citizens in management and planning for our public lands and forests.
  • We promote ecological restoration as a management approach for public lands.
  • We are leaders in invasive exotic plant control in WNC.
  • We advocate for protection of ecologically significant areas.
  • We support strategic acquisition for public lands, and conservation management on adjacent private lands.
  • We coordinate and collaborate with partner conservation groups.
  • We work to influence transportation projects that would have a significant impact on our forests.

Consider joining ourForests and Public Lands Task Forces.  Call our Staff Ecologist Bob Gale for more information at 828-258-8737.

Public Lands News:

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Safeguarding Our Forests

Western North Carolina is blessed with more than 1.5 million acres of public land, including Nantahala-Pisgah National Forest, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, the Blue Ridge Parkway and several state-owned parks, forests and natural areas. These public lands support the headwaters of our rivers, beautiful mountain vistas, one of the most diverse temperate forests on the planet, and a thriving economy in tourism, crafts and recreation.